where is SI? this is the book we kinda started on called "ken gitty". the project is with bagger, dusty, and i. we have done a few things with the project but we are just starting ...still working on how its going to come into the public eye. this is one of the characters in the story lue spatula.

*dumpster funk josey scott & lil wyte.
**i know a few of you have seen this.
***guts/bags post up some kicks. i am wonder how thats going. and post up the freshly new klaimco logo.
****only 20 more mins of work boo jeah jeah jeah.

KC Dunks No. 1

Day one:
Alright so here is a color ruff of what i had in mind to paint the kicks, nothing too crazy, I'm tryna make sure i get a good handle on these before i can wildout. Heres the 5 colors I ordered, the yellow and red are mighty watery so I couldn't flex the warm colors as much, but the turquose and pale blue come through mighty nice, I'm starting to mix some colors but its kinda lame without white. As easy as it may seem to paint these junks its a freak'n tedious process cause you gotta spend a good time scrub'n off the shoe gloss coating with acetone (the coating that will prevent the paint from sticking to the shoe). So after a few hours of scrub'n and get'n lift'd off the acetone fumes, you get to paint. But even that can be a prick cause you got to lay down atleast 3-4 layers to get an even coat. fun stuff I say, I'm amp'd to not mess these kicks up, the aim is to finish by friday. We'll see. Here's some flics and a hot asian chic hold'n a kick <---floating light bulb: KLAIMCO MODELS ?!?!

"curlies 2006, brought to you by KLAIMCO" -bags empty brown bag'n it

i bring the emotion...you bring the graf

the skinny:
- mustache contest starts at work tomorrow. in a couple months i will be $600 richer with a sweet magnum PI mustache.
- dance jenny site almost finished.
- DF2.0 in the works...watch out kids.
- new DF tees to arrive shortly. keep your panties on.
- collabo album with gangsta boo to drop in march.
- klaimco merch

projects up in the air right now:
- identity work for SI's friend matt's skateshop?
- some screamo album cover i'm supposed to do for SI?
- ANTV logo?
- standard deluxe tees?
- KG projecto going up in flames (jk bagger...lol, lollolololool)

love always,

*where's C at on this thing?
ok. Guts in the box.

Many things to come this year. 2 solo albums to drop, Reb project to solidify, more shows to come both art exhibits and music performances, picking up little jobs(but only trying to grab ones worth my time. EXPOSURE), more travels.
Got some nice collab projects in the works. I've been working with LoDeck and J23 on art, music, and clothing projects, check for some of Guts's stains early 2006. I'm also going to be working with Sum Kid(VJC) and Shrug Nice (GMK) on some exclusive art projects this year. All info on hush mode at the moment, but y'all are going to be the first in the know. Doing exclusive art work for Many Styles has been fun. Peep
He's a very talented guy, and good friend. I worked up the logo on his opening page. You'll see this floating around a bit more in the near future. Check out Many's music if you have not already. Do not sleep.
Recent collaborative project talked about with Jak Progresso. Hahaha, you don't even know. Top secret at the moment. Some samples soon.

Of more recent news. I just rocked a show in Long Island for, J23's very own general, RC at his birhtday bash on Sunday. Rediculous roster consisting of Diabolic, Many Styles, LoDeck, Jak Progresso, and Zeps. Wish you all could have made it out there. It was a great experience. I rocked first and repped the Reb as hard as the calluses on a soldiers feet who's been in the shit for over 8 months with no socks. "Summer in Sri Lanka". Word em up.
I'll be customizing a skateboard deck for Arizona's first International Deck show. Some amazing names in the line up with me. I'll post more info on that as well. I was thinking, maybe I'd rep the Klaimco on that one, and use that for my deck. Lemme know y'alls feelings on this, cuz I've got 6 blanks, and I'd be down to do a separated one exclusively for our project if you'd prefer. The design is going to have my beetle humans from Gut's land of skin and glittery bodily secretions. What? The due date on this is March 1st, so I'll be posting up flicks in the next month.
As far as the albums go, I'll be releasing both an EP and LP this year. The EP is all new material with the exception of the reb classic "Deathcamp Labor", and will be the first Boxguts release of 2006. Production consists of beats from Ebbineeza, T1/Shelshok, and The Reb's very own Saurus. I'm extremely amped about this one. It's short, but I think you all will enjoy. Tentative title-" Elle the Wench". The long awaited LP will have roughly 15-17 tracks. All production provided by BadTouch(VJC), Garbs Infinite, WytFang(Filthy Habbits), Son (Dark Circle), Maliks(GMK), and Ebbineeza(Conglomerates). There will be more guest appearences than the EP on this one. The collabs consist of 2 box reb tracks, one producer on the mic(shhhhh it's a secret), and a nice LoDeck verse for a bonus track. I'm hoping that the albums get decent circulation and builds some momentum for the Rebel Family.
Oh yeah. I'll be messing with these shoes here too, and post the progress. I recently helped in the design of Kid Robot's new sneaker, but I don't feel as though I was heard out on my ideas of the actual construction or the shoe design, which resulted( in my opinion) as wack product. Damn, I mean listen to the kid who actually digs kicks, and has an idea of what everyone is jocking. C'mon, y'all only hurt yourself there on that one. What to blow your own cred. Either way, the shoes'll sell out, so I guess it's all good for them.
*Observation - Completing objectives is nice, but alwaysevaluate your honest motives?
*Lesson Learned - Think things through more clearly, and don't rush just to drop a product to have it out. (Oh wait, isn't that common sense?)
*What I got out of it - learn from other's mistakes, and be careful who you share your ideas with. I'm not going to FBI anyone in particular, but really folks, watch the people you play close, the ones you distance, and YOUR OWN ASS.
I got some rediculouse video game ideas to share at some point in time. "21 Trapped" and "Coney Island Nub Twin Trolls"- collaboration with Sebastian Moreno. Keep a Marky barkin!
Alright. I think that's it for now. I've had my aerosol propulsion tank sergically reatached as of January, keep the opticals peeled. Free self promotion is your most readily available tool. Use it. Oh, and one last question. Who all is Klaimco?
This is something we are all going to be proud of. Lets aknowlege that.

klaimco kids,

this is a great idea! this is a great way to post projects/ideas/and even process. or even a funny photo (like me ripping my jeans in ATL hint. hint.) but anyways. this is what i was working on today. bagger and i are doing an orginal deck that is going to be up for grabs on the klaimco site when it launches. i am still layering and it is far from done. we are going to have all these characters/robots/creepy kids whatever grabbing on/macking on/ and loving these shawties. it should be cool. i still have to pass it to bagger for another round. but i hope to finish it when i get off work tomorrow night. oh and i scored these vans at the trade show in vegas and just drew on them. i thought it would be cool to throw them in like if somebody ordered a shirt or something the buyer would get all these cool little things. anyways, i am going to grab a snack and hit the hay. up at 7 yeaaaaaaah. hopefully klaimco will make it so i have my own hours. (twizzle must sleep in).

keep on keep posting,
*dumpster funk their he is.
**what happened to mikes myspace? is this a trick so i call him. i think i will. his trick is working...

Whats the skinny folks

Alright well Ben and I were talk'n earlier today and thought it be a good idea
to set this up to keep everyone updated with whats going on with KLAIMCO. So
yeah here it is, post the skinny on things and what projects you got going.

Things on my end:
-Crazy for the most part
-Just came back from sarasota, hung out with SI and Yim, fun times
-I'm teaming up with DF to work on this short story, "KG Project" long term
project thats still in development it'll be dope, promise
-The logo is coming along well, will be official soon, I'll be mess'n around with
some color combos and such and work'n that end with dustin
-I'm working on some custom DUNKS, I'll post process imagery
-I submitted a few things to DIK earlier
-I'm looking to head to NY for a weekend, "REB TRIP PT. III"
-I'm working on a shirt design to get printed this coming week
-Once the logo is good to go, stickers will be made
-Got that new "swallow 2" book mighty nice cop it
-My birthday is coming in FEB, keep ya ears peal'd
-sample the flic "Grizzly man"
-Looking to get the www.klaimco.com and www.boxreb.com sites at least up and
online, the pages well be in construction
-I wanna go to Japan this summer anyone down?

side projects I had in mind:

Klaimco skateboard decks, there is 7 of us and 7 letters in the word klaimco, we
divde the board into seven equal sections, claim a letter, freestyle your spot,
get the image patched up, cough up $150 or so each person, get the boards
printed, split all the decks prints (10-12 a person) sale at $50 a pop (sell 4
and you got your money back plus and extra 50 profit) and you got some left over
to sale or handout

I'ght thats for now, please feel free to post the skinny