the life and times of ixora lane '04 status. werd up berr-ree-zee. holler.

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haha...so yeah, Charlie Baker, first project out the Meadow Ln X Bags team up, Ben set off the idea. Here was my take on it, at this point I don't know what to think of what i did haha, madd diff than anything I would normally put together but a'go, Tag Ben, your turn...next project I'm off to is the Meadow Ln X Bags skatedeck, eat healthy and drop a feedback, all and all it was an interesting experiment

Ps. Yes he is wearing Nike Trainers haha
Pss. sorry for the crappy flicks

this is just some brainstorming and such. i am not set on the colors or fabrics just striking the match. i think i will go off what you create/send. instead of pre-planning everything. i am excited about this project.

*dumpster funk "cause fuckin wit these cats will send a friend to the morgue"
** yo i also just got an email about the miami show. they were asking about what name you want to go under? i like monikers.

Run your garmets! Hey Ben here is what I found, i got some more but they scan sh#ty and my sis cam is on low bat, but yo I picked up four doll hands haha, I'm gonna work on a face tonight and see if I can get biz on the sewing morrow. The fabric below is all pretty thick knitting, and the last fabric is this vinyl which I might use for letters and such, pretty stoked, I'ght I'll get ya

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Congratulations, Sid. That's really amazing.
Right now I am in Orlando. First time since Christmas. My parents are getting ready to move out of the house where I grew up and change coasts. I am here to sort out stuff and maybe get into some trouble, which isn't very difficult for me. I've learned in the last 6 months to keep my mouth shut about everything until it's tangeable. So I have. Pardon my absence. I still get really excited about Klaimco, and I have a bunch of ideas accumulating. I won't say anything until they are more than ideas. So, I'm keeping my big mouth shut.
I've been working a lot on this Schocholautte project over the last 8 months. The latest update would be these little handmade EP's. 30 cd's packaged in line drawings. I brought them to Florida with me, and I'm hoping to put them in some kind hands. Thank you guys for checking out the early stuff and giving feedback.... uhm.... I replaced the Sam track with an actual song.... let's keep that one between us.... but that Jodi Sweetin track still means a lot ot me......... Anyways, lots more radness going on with Schocholautte, and I'm keeping my mouth shut until shit is definite. There's been a book I've been illustrating too. I can't talk about that either. Hopefully it will exist before next summer.... All I can say is, there are great ideas that sound amazing... like... communism... or fuck buddies.... or social anarchy... or all you can eat buffets...but in reality, our eyes are bigger than our bellies and no one really wants to eat that many eggrolls anyways.... or something... i'm sure somebody knows what I'm talking about cause I don't.... right........
Anyways, I really hope all is well. Don't stop believing. Don't do drugs. Keep the faith.
Congrats again Sid. You understand something that we haven't even started thinking about yet. Most Excellent.
Michael P.

i was daydreaming this afternoon at work thinking: dang i wanna work on that klaimco/df jinc as my day joint. someday this daydream might become a reality. thats the ultimate goal. monday style...

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AHHHH SHHHHT!-bags wu-tang forever
Hello Klaimers A bags post is due, first off congrands to SI and his wifey to be, thats grand man, I'll be taking notes from you guys like maybe 6 years down the line haha...grant'd I find a wifey type. Second off my girl dip'd to Ringling for the fall, sad face I know, but we're still holding it down and with that said I'll be in Sota time to time. The production tip on this end should step up now considering I'll be spending more time inside the crib grind'n and such haha. I've been amp'd to paint latley. My girl went chicago for a week with her family, but before she dip'd asked me to hook up her old skateboard while she was gone. She's a fan of Zombies so she was like "paint a zombie" haha...Never really drew a zombie before so it was interesting hooking it up, it took about 2-3 days, it was fun...kinda odd cause it was out the box of my normal content of imagery but it was good training. She loved it too so that was brownie points on my end! haha Now that thats done I'm working on Ben's and 43s deck, so I should be done with that by weeks ends. paint paint paint paint! I'm on it! I'm on it! I've also been taking bizness notes as of recently and plan on taking some free bizness classes, so I am serious bout this Klaimco thing, give me some time to work out a bizness plan and all the techy stuff and we should have somthing rolling by next year Bags is so serious !!! Yes yes! What else is good? Umm...thats all for now I gotta go make a run so I'll stop for now, stay healthy in the meantime Klaimers


just a klaimco doodle during twirk. nathin special.

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**got the standard deluxe tees in. came out cool. hi-five (miss). DF all day. DS thanks for shooting. lil' preview...


***i wanna see that painting SI.

new photos. holga madness. party, good weekend to all...

*dumpster funk litter basket.

Peep the new identity for our company down here in the dirty dirty. Jason Murphy (artdorks and Lowe gallery) works for us now and has spent most of his time here developing our logo, business cards, and web layouts. So sick I think. New piece coming in weeks.

Living in a gangstas paradise. The district needs some sweet tea. I missed Douglas. Where's breezy? I need NY tuneage. B2 got some of his own tele medicine. (i'll call you later)

PS I'm a rock collector...cool related piece soon to post.....you'll see.

SI "hur cut" WAtts

i tried to post this stuff last night but klaimco was buggin'. update: bagger style since i got no tele skills. i went to washington this weekend road trip style. it was rather fun. got on some rails, crashed a wedding, all in good fun. these are a few things i found and a couple photos. sorry i am killing it with the graff. but i am sure a couple of your klaimers can dig it? anyhoot keep cool. i feel winter coming again. that means its time for my reup one of these days. atl? sf? nyc? stockholm? tokyo?

black factory smoke,
*dumpster funk cool runnings.
**meadowln two dropping soon. i am killing flash.
***much thanks doug for the shipment. it was above grand.

below: truck stop tee, a couple old type books, random fun books, 2 old school kodak cameras, some house shoes (holler at the diller), doug and marty drawings.

until next time keep at it!

Dizaam the heat, SA town is like wildfire, toasty toasty, whats good guys, bags still out here grinding or what not, looks like I gotta drop a ringer on ya'll to get updates on thangs or you could just read this haha. I've been inspired as of recently so production might be picking up pace as of tonight. Ben, I feel you bout the Camera game, I'm looking to strap up and hit the town with the lens, I found my uncle's old Canon AE-1 so I'm dust'n it off and looking to get gitty....other than that Same ol on this end, one day at a time moves, heres a few images to share, I got tons more but not really ready to show just yet, here's a teaser. The painting is somthing I whip'd up in a day's time for my dad's friend who came through last weekend. He hooked me up with a free plane ticket during college so my dad suggested I give him a painting in return, its 11x14,the vest was fun. The image below it is just a hue adjustment which makes it look like its done blacklight style, the other two images below that are sketchbook pages i did awhile back, I'm amp'd the pages are get'n slowly filled.

Yo Ben, How bout Boot Camp Click is gonna be in Austin Sunday, I'm gonna try and hit that up. Then later on in the week I'm gonna see Bloc Party out there on the 8th, fun times A? Oh I also sold the munny couple weeks back so that should help with the funds. The Bags production house is still in effect so til then inhale that "black factory smoke" <---thats a boxguts line if ya Reb, hope all is well klaimers, see you on the next post