11  27  2O23; 11:24 Post Merīdiem


P r o p o s a l


A restaurant review/view from 2O16


or maybe a readymade exhibition,

i.e., Venice Biennale Polish Pavilion 2O28


A c c o u n t


Pulled–UP & Parked the Bike 

In a Plaza


The commerce center also included ...

  A  Window/Glass Place, 

  A  Commercial Real Estate Place, 

  A  Massage Place, 

  A  Church, 

  A  Chiropractic Place, 

  A  Fitness Place, & 

  A  Dreadlock/Braid/Loc Extensions Place




  A  simple wire–lock & 

U–Lock combo was used on a trash can to lock up the bike.

The number combination of 2222 on the wire lock was used to unlock the lock

(then scrambled to secure). 

The actual sign for the place was losing letters, but it looked purposeful. While pulling the door open you could notice a nice home smell mixed with the air of the plaza clashing & the motion of the door opening swirling these airs together making a combo of smell/s. Inside the place they had 1 long table facing you with chairs on the backside; Almost like a place of justice during medieval times with a large open space for entertainment in the middle. While standing in the center of the room & circling around … you’d notice on the other side of the room each chair at the table had 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,(8) flat [44”] screen monitors mounted to the top of the wall & each chair had its own version of Harry Potter playing on mute (all 8 H.P. movies started at the same time & looped upon completion from open to close



Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone™


Aligned with Chair#1


2h 32m, 2OO1


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets™


Aligned with Chair#2


2h 41m, 2OO2


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™


Aligned with Chair#3


2h 22m, 2OO4


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™


Aligned with Chair#4


2h 37m, 2OO5


Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix™


Aligned with Chair#5


2h 19m, 2OO7


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™


Aligned with Chair#6


2h 33m, 2OO9


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™


Aligned with Chair#7


2h 26m, 2O1O


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™


Aligned with Chair#8


2h 10m, 2O11

The menu looked like this

Appetizers —

Polish Pierogi

Polish Pancakes

Stuffed Cabbage

Polish Tri Dish

(Two Pierogi’s, Two Pancakes, Polish Sausage)

Soups —

White Borsch

Red Borsch

Pickle Soup

Entrees —

Pierogis (8)

Polish Platter (Try it all!)

Silesian Dumplings (Pyzy)

Kielbasa Platter

Stuffed Cabbage (Gołąbki)

Polish Cabbage Noodles (Wazanki)

Potato Pancakes

Gypsy Potato Pancake

Hunter’s Stew (Bigos)




Desserts —

Walnut Delight (Pychotka)

Apple Strudel

Crepes (Naleśniki)

Kids Menu —

Crepe (Naleśniki)

Chicken Tenders

Grilled Hot Dog




Another Memory


The Ground


Default builders tile flooring 

w/ random traditional folk Moroccan rugs covered the builders tile on the edges of the room & overlapped like a collage only framing the room. 

Also, in the very center of the room placed on the default tile was the same 


wire lock used outside to lock the bike

(the code was set to 8888).


was playing in the background

(but it was more piano based) 

In closing, this place is clean & nice. 

Very special & good–food.

4 Stars 

(Might Return)

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆