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 ‘ Get Along `` Going Along


Yes Please

Let it swig till it's full, hear it grumble and moan; despondently then disappear !

:0) Sincerely, B N

Freestyle had a recognizable following in California, particularly in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and San Diego. California's large Latino community enjoyed the sounds of the East Coast Latin club scene, and a number of California artists became popular among freestyle fans on the East Coast. Northern California freestyle, mainly from San Francisco and San Jose, leans towards a high-tempo dance beat similar to Hi-NRG. California's large Filipino American community also embraced freestyle music during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Some of the artists featured on the mix:

Jocelyn Enriquez grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, raised by immigrant parents from Pangasinan. She graduated from Pinole Valley High School in 1993 and was signed by Burlingame-based and Pinoy owned-and-operated Classified Records.

Buffy (nee Buffy Solango), a singer from Fremont, was the first artist on another label associated with Filipinos and Freestyle -- Velocity Records. She released her single "Give Me... A Reason" in 1994. The song was written and produced by Dadgel Atabay, a musician who'd played keyboards on Stevie B's Love & Emotion (which included his prom jam "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)").

Sharyn Maceren, from the San Francisco Bay Area, debuted as The S Factor with "Hard To Get" in 1997 on S.E. Records, then also home to Slammin' Sam (ne Sam Maxion), a Pinoy producer/DJ from Pittsburg, California.

One Vo1ce (Monica Castillo, Anne Marie Ceralvo, Edna Mae Ceralvo, Melissa Ruiz, Moreno Aimee Castillo, and formerly Lindsay Mangoba) area a Pinay group from Vallejo who often record Freestyle and debuted with "All Day All Nite" in 1998, on Kamikaze Records.