hey, so fingers are crossed. lets try tomorrow and see if i can get outta town. snowboarding is cool and all but stop snowing just for a second thanks weather....

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Peep Game
Alright so I was link hop'n on myspace found out that these two shirts i designed awhile back are up online and I guess for sale?! It must of just went up recently cause no one really told me haha...funny but it could be cause its not ready to order cause I can't find the price anywhere for the shirts. Originally the company was called "Surface" but had to change the name to "modus" due to legalish. I should be getting a batch from these guys sometime. Well anyways here's the flics I found online.
screen cap of shirtsuh..dunno this guy, i know the kid on the shirt though
I drew the plane right side up , but one of the guys at the company suggested to flip it upside down, at first I was like "..ok" but then he drop'd this concept about mimic'n this stamp that got famous due to a misprint of an old plane upside down. after i looked up the stamp i was like "oh, cool cool" (see stamp image below) famous stampshirts and shirtslinks to sites:

hey, just a few things for the new week. hope all you kids are well. sandpaper in had grinding away...

peace on earth,
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DON'T SLEEP KLAIMCO7 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Hope all is well and healthy, please do stay healthy, being sick is not cool for the holidays! Trust me, I just recovered, thank you all mighty! Alright on to a quick post. You will have to excuse me for these really really crappy flicks,I kinda had to take these on the run so no time for the producto shots but yeah heres two munnys I worked on for Uberbots 3rd show, which is actually morrow night. First off I know bubble clouds are play'd in the new milliy but it makes sense for the concept I was going for so don't hate haha....but yeah. Here is my take on Fujin (the girl) and Raijin (the boy), they are sky gods from way back, I'll attach an image to show what I'm talking about.

Quick skinny: Raijin is the god of Thunder and Lighting and Fujin is the god of wind and are normally depicted together. I was trying to think of two things that go together and this is what happen. Nothing to wild but they came out ok, very Ken Gitty-esk i know, could of made them more crazy if I had like an extra month or somth'n but eh, like painting the whole thing in oil would of been rad, but its cool I guess.

All Munny stuff aside how is everyone? Things are well here, same ol really, eager waiting for the 2007 to drop for some reason I am eager, like more eager about the ball to drop then Christmas, funny. Well I'm out for now folks, I'll be sure to post a few more times before the year is out, stay jolly


here is the crap shot, true color though

real crap shot but the faces are more clear, the shirts actually came out real clean but no justice on the photo, sorry
Raijin and Fujin

hey, its december the month of giving. holiday time. i've been mailing out packs this week...

*dumpster funk reversible folk.
**lookout lighthouse.


hey, only a quick hook-shot. i like photographing the tele. something about that blue glow (ahhhh). i'll drop something more than just photos around mid-week watch out now. good week to all!

check, please..
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Ummm...yup...----> (+)
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hey, hows it going? we got that fire at the campsite cooking that jungle stew (hold your horses), but to keep you occupied...some new camera phone jawns.

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who has the retarded writing in the weeee hours? holler.

^'peace' my ex-roomate moved to florida this weekend on a job transfer. hello sunshine.