06/20/18, 11:59 AM Pacific Standard Time


‘ B.N./C.N.–Sketchbook ’  5m52s 
Sketchbook Drawings, Paintings, & Readings ¬

1. A Wave  A Wave so big 
That it engulfs A whole Turtle Mound.
This Wave was actually Surfed by a Young GROM from Edgewater, Florida.
Who was scouting & waiting for just this very wave. A wave of — A lifetime…

2. Chapter2: Tortoise Hole Near Peace Valley  What is most important is your enjoyment of the process & that you believe in the quality and purpose of what you are creating. An understanding of the current market is also what is important. Knowing what it is already flooded with and constantly searching for that hole – that gap where their is room for new innovations, styles, and perspective. It is a gift to have this extra sense and timing. You have always had it.

3. I am Trying  I am trying to make something of myself. I am a mix of all the things in my past & all the things & experiences of my ancestors pasts. We can go all the back 2 connect it all 2gether. Now I must read & collect for all my new creations… Check It..

4. A Woman Pours a Cup of Tea  & Drinks the tea. (Earl Grey)… A white dog is across the room Half Awake & Day Dreaming far off into the distance. Memories are floating in the room. Maybe the tea evoked this type of thinking. SNAP… OUT… OF… IT! & TEND 2 the Garden !

5. Red Box Rental  @Publix™ A Man can’t decide which film should be tonights entertainment. He isn’t on beat to get amazon prime. He is primitive. #postblockbuster-era ——> Good for him; You aren’t missing much. Plus, w/ the film he picks … (you aren’t missing much) 2X :0)
6. “Crick, Stream, River, Forest [voice doubled]”

7. 5 Miles From Here  5 Miles from here is a super Walmart with a CVS™ hooked on. You can run along a track around & around — Get a great time; While having a great time… Get a silver metal & A — Sponsorship deal w/ Brooks Brothers & L.L. Bean & Be the Spokeswoman for Talbots or You can paint a painting & Make someone say — “Even I coulda DONE that.”

8. The Wishes UP ON

A Star...
A bright Idea
Dropped out of a sky
& landed right on the porch.
Like a a Special Delievery.
It wasn’t in a box, though…
It was bright & not so big.
You could lift it up with your own 2 hands…
Can you picture it? At all.
You must still see.


10. A Poem About Feminism by B.N.
A girl wants 2 rage….
A girl wants 2 rally 
GET in the car
Call your friend on the way.
If she doesn’t answer –>
Just hit the hi–way. 
It’s all in the wiring.
Move your legs 
(Don’t stay home) out like a light @ nite.
Make a sign.

11. Chaz Hernandez
Chaz Hernandez left something really important on the school bus today. How will he get it back? Chazzz asked the bus driver, “Did you see anything left on the bus Yesterday?...” — “No. I didn’t” replied the bus driver. Chazz now; is. very. Worried. How stupid Am I… Thought Chaz. Maybe I can make or find a new 1?? Hmmm, that is impossible because that was 1 of a kind. Chaz has a spelling test tomorrow & he can’t even study or retain any of the information because he is trying to think about how he can recover what he left on the bus. Fast Forward >> A lot of time has gone by. 1 Year. 2 Years… 5 Years… 10 Years & Not a day goes by that Chaz doesn’t think of that day on the BUS.

12. 1 Flower in a Field of Grass

13. Sometimes
Just the little things
Bring happiness. 
Seeing a little brown wren
Nesting on your porch each night
Can make it happen.

14. The Ways People Go
Some go straight
Some Meander …
Others go backwards 
A few zig zag ….
And they might go …
Or poke along the path,
They may part ways …
Fall into step with someone …
And glide Along

:0) Sincerely, B N / C N