Killa, whats crack'n? Bags here, local out in FL. Umm....I'm out here til Sunday, running around visiting my girl and what not. I got these sample shirts in today of a few designs in production. I should be getting a batch of free ones soon, so I'll diff fire some out when they come in. Let me know the sizes. I'm also working on a couple of Munnys for a show coming up at Uberbot. Post soon, I'll drop a ringer to all once I'm back from the adventure, killa keep it grand!

i found my mini cam in my chucks the other day. been hunting for it since halloween. weird, but shot some photos on a walk after festing...

hope all is well,
*dumpster funk in HD.


have a peak into the klaimco laboratories. the bunsen burners are on cooking the turkey's...

*dumpster funk droop-e & b-slimm.
**have a grand t-giving!

blessed by mr. 43 and mr. twizzle ^^^

details and gossip ^^^

get fun.

the charlie baker project is complete! mr.43, hope you dig it...if you need hi-res holler. fire it everywhere...

*dumpster funk space williams.
**thanks for shooting DS.


hey, as you might already know just got the 2.0 going on... got some really grand ole projects in the works. it should be fun. i'll keep you posted. have good days...

*dumpster funk 711.

"them thangs one and two"


Skateboard project me and Ben are finally wrap'n up, out the door morrow
+++SI, what it do?+++
(No klaimco post for now just a newsflash to share somth'n with SI and all you kind viewers on Klaimco (smile)

I ran across some interesting imagery that might be of Interest, I looked up Phil Hale on flickr and found this:I saw this and I remembered why learning how to paint was so important, hope this helps inspire your paintings, shht you know I'm in the lab, check this link too,
Like you know,

SI here to say "I got nothing". SHaw. I do. not today. Two fatality mask paintings, DArk Tower III, and prelude to Dark TOwer IV all hanging out here in the A. No pictures yet, but they will come.

B2 is older now so expect more refined mature humor from him. SOrry Tweez for no shouts before. Much <3.

Here is my manifesto rant. Style upheaval. You'll see.




Dustin is on that Kryptonite. "20 dollars...15....come on...alright 10, don't tell the other girls"
clams (that means your being to quite),

ayo, so these are some newer photos. updates twice a week? shitttt blog attack with the rapid fire super soaker...wetting up all hoes.

no libary,
*dumpster funk 49ers.

^bday at the corpo

^DF in the museum of design? (thanks for the photo dee your on the redskins)

^twizzle killer clown from outer space git up. get dumb.

^kk knitted the illest scarf. my roomate sponsers this lil' dude wundimi.

^the ill cake. check out the DF bmx bike ahhhhh. thanks SB your creative.

^meadowln 2.0: on its way over to beat zelda (on the allnighter tip)

^DS gave me this print as a present. thanks man!

thats the run up run down. stay good. wake up and listen to your alarm!
+++A'low Klaimaz+++
I just finish this vinyl custom for this show next week out in Denton TX, the roster of artist looks pretty thick, I'm amp'd to see the turn out. Here' s "Oki Brown", my Japanese Demon dude from Okinawa, rock'n a Bagger shi-shi dog shirt, an official Klaimco beanie, and some kicks inspired by the UNDFTD/Nike dunks haha. Sorry for the crappy flicks, the digi-camera game will be step'd up soon, more blahzy blah on the way, Tag, whos' next
show flyer
"Oki Brown""UNDFTD" Nike Dunks (I do own a pair haha...)
Whats does it do? Hope all is well, I'm gitty to post some stuff I'm working on this week, here's a lil sampler for now....someone tell me why Nike is gonna be kill'n my pockets within the next year, I want some Jordan 4's for know, like size 9.........KC07

some new new... some doodles and some photos. stay grand fellers...

get get,
*dumpster funk born today.


Hey Klaimers,

What does it do? Cool So I got word back from MB today, no offer extended. Yeah, they are looking for a more experienced texture artist. Sucks cause it would of been a dope team to go to work with but yeah, I'm gonna layout my plan B option. If you don't hear from me for a few days or for a week, you know the skinny.