05/31/18, 08:05 PM Eastern Standard Time


BloodLine/PressPass ’ [Documenta14; Kassel, Germany]

We had the opportunity & went where the Art was. Which is held every 5 years. We waited to broadcast upon this subject because we wanted to think about the images (the way the event does). We wanted to wait until all the crowds had left. A deep breath was taken. This event is an amazing thing for a town & country to put on… This is what we saw @Documenta14. Nonprofits & Activism; Profits & Acts. Artwork$ needs currency to float>with sponsors help. Same with people; They need currency to keep floating. Do you think in the past they had even more Art @Documenta1–13 ? I kinda saw some long ago ...

When I was 10 years old I went to Kassel, Germany with my Grandparents & my also 10 year old cousin Warren. We were on a trip to meet our ancestors & on a fairy tale adventure curated by my Grandparents. We met our ancestors at their place of work (they built coffins). I remember them showing us this coffin gallery. I remember seeing smaller coffins for children in this side room. It was kind of disturbing & a very dark showroom with spot–lights. Yet, it was motivational. When I was 11 I was thinking... this is what our ancestors did for currency... I can still feel the connection & disconnection between them. I want there to be more of a connection to them somehow. I wonder how they are doing now ? It’s interesting... I want to know more. My ancestors took us to this restaurant. Our German was poor & so was their 3nglish. A lot of deep staring into each others eyes during the dinner @ the restaurant. I ordered a skillet of hot mac&cheese with broccoli. Why do I remember this moment soo well ? Maybe because I re–visit it in my mind quite often (reaching for the past & trying to understand it). I could feel the blood–line & almost a window all the way back to the middle ages of sorts where cities didn't exist. Thinking; Nature owned earth & people used it. Now maybe people own earth & nature works around our schedule (it seems).

We went to DocumentaIX by mistake in the early 1990’s. I remember seeing a large scale wooden public tower sculpture/s people were climbing–UP. It was eye–opening & rather remarkable to see. I’ll never forget it. This time I was leaving Moscow (after living there for 3 years) & ventured across Europe on my way back to the USA. I met my longtime good friend Hannah Hummel who lives in Düsseldorf. As I walk the streets in Kassel I can feel my past; again. I can feel my ancestors; again. I can feel the hills, & the walls, & the air in the town. We saw a few films by Wang Bing in a completely empty movie theater off the beaten path of the event. These films were exactly what we needed (I still think about these films quite often)… This is probably Art (in our eyes). Or as close as you can get to the word. Wang Bing you are the winner of the Klaimco Documenta14 Prize. We have no currency to give you; but if you saw through our eyes you’d see we are slightly similar. #movedblood–line

A special thanks to Documenta14 for all the accommodations & for this to now exist... 

:0) Sincerely, B N