found this photo


1) new= tee, drinking cobras, racked posters, dre dog album i didn't have.

2) hats wearing hats.

3) cotton candy taffy.

4) pits.

5) go bags.

*dumpster funk boxing out to grab rebounds.
**sidenote: gonna get a new sketchbook this week. so expect more drawing orientated posts.

peace, cherish your weeks!



a, just some new stuff kind people have blessed me with...

1) doctor dteezee, ok cuts, scott sticker, reb 8

2) ok zine (signed), lid-face (congrads on your grad!), scott sticker, "brotha's gotta eat!", sibler "cash not trash" sticker

3) scott

4) dee steez thought it would be funny to change my desktop image. what a guy. and he gave me a pack of camel lights, "they are not mine mom they are garrett's!"

*dumpster funk sleeping to jazz melodies (the alarm is set).

until next time. have a good week everyone. keep at it...
Le Dee Ste├ęz returns with a big photo update from the past couple weeks in SF...

First up - huge Mission Carnaval Parade a couple weekends ago:

National Bike Courier Championships:

80's Pirate Prom Party (sorry sidney...):

DF's new ride (ben traded in his volvo for her):

DF's pomeranian ($1,000 reward if you find him...):

My friend Frances from DC was in town, and so was Ben's brother Garrett:

The next day we got our 'Traz on (Garrett stayed home with a hangover):

^a bird shit in my hair right as the ferry was leaving the pier...

^the people of traz photo series

sidney i owe you a call. and michael i tore up karaoke with a bunch of asians the other weekend and thought of you...
hope everyone is well.

- d
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Run'n around a lil' bit, flick flicks! Enjoy.some pink homie!49ers!couple whips from a race going down at the 9ers stadiumsome highlights from Kim Cogan/Shawn Barber show at White Walls/The Shooting GalleryHotel Des Arts-Damon Soule room
the dine well friends