channel it, mini update on meadowln. twirked on a new logo type, some process, some fun mun2 with doctor DT, posted a new database, and took a couple photos off my hi-tech phone. my friend kenny taught me a new word today 'yolo' (you only live once). a word to wake up to. get wise, stay grand, and holler...

*dumpster funk glucosamine.

| M E A D O W L N |

Hello there!
Feedback on color scheme...You can even take it off here and play in photoshop for me. Your meager ideas will be comical to me instead of good... ya!! JK

I like the warm/cool balance here. She's about to be burned in front of a wall with houdini horses in back. <3 to DEEZ for livin the dream and the kill package with treasure troll and CNN hat contained. ROmana and I keep bringing up moving to SF, followers. don't know. we'd come back here for chillun havin. Babies need fresh co-cola and deep fried pecan pie for sturdy bones.

rabble rabble

Check out this compositional study for the Wizard and Glass. I like the face. Photoshop think through. Adding limited color next. Thought of degas dancers and sargents "jaleo" piece for the lighting. Detail in the back design to come. See Appleseed cast if they come to your town.

+++Greetings from Sota+++
What does it do?! Out in Fl still, looking to get my ish out of Orlando by this Sat. Then back to SA town then back to Cali...shht, fun times...How's things crew? alright I'm on the move, heres a sketch I painted up last night in the bagsbook, the lab is bubble'n
from O-town, Out here for a bit waiting word from the Gama and schill'n with the lady friend. quick post, here's the flics of the style of bike I'm dig'n, I'm thinking yellow would suit the bags fine. Also I saw the GRAW ish I did with Deesteez/AKQA online the other day, here's the screen cappa...Hope all is well out there company. I'll get at cha...
GRAW ish

hey, just some photographs this time around. just got a new bike. went on two rides this weekend: quite grand. have a good week...

*dumpster funk the world is yours ------->
**have a safe trip bagget. go sentra go!



tonight and police scanners...

*dumpster funk sharp leadville.
**i got a new posting with findings. should be on thursday or so. until then stay cool...



somethings that made the camera go from 'off' to 'on'...

*dumpster funk chicago.
**a,b,c,d,e,f,(g)...thanks for the photo bounce, coco, tour, and hospitality.

+++Klaimco goes to SF Megapost+++
Just got back to the SA town last night from the week long SF trip. What can I say!? umm...shht, too much hot damness out there, simple as that, drop a ringer if you want stories for days. enjoy the flicks!

Some Barber lab...
Barber paintings in the works...
White Walls/Shooting gallerySome Coro...
Some Kim Cogan...Some Fifty24SF Gallery(Upperplayground)...
Alex Pardee
Some Henry Lewis at "Everlasting" tattoo shop
Some Random SF ish...
100's of SF cyclers, "last friday", Ruff Ryders forreals
Some "Undo" on the Bart train...
Some Graf...
SF Airport on my way out