The Wasteland

Dark Tower III

36 x 48

I make it rain on 'em.

Color is much richer in person.

next up, The Wizard and Glass

walkin it out in the A, SI
a'go ben
+++Short and sweet+++
Here's the first piece out the bags lab for the 2007! The paints are kind to me as of recent, took like a week and a half or so to knock-out. Acrylic/oils on 12x16 canvas. Fun stuff, I'm amp'd to get on some more paintings. As of now til late Feb., I'm booked on a major commission, with that said a few projects I had planned to wrap up this month has now been placed on hold. Come late Feb. Its on!
Thelonious and the children of Ego

some newer sketchbook stuff. with the likes of tim karpinski, miss house (zar), and DT. the rest are airplane drawings...

*dumpster funk drafting class.
**43 (m.i.a.)?
***vegas photos soon...

this one's for the fo-three. and also i guess the fouf (mrs. watters wants one of these for her me)
DF seal of approval.


Mr. and Mrs. SI here,
Wanted to say "sup" to er-body, Weddings are grand, especially if their yours, and E-40's on.

This is a quick tip, Check Out my companies site designed by Jason Murph-dawg.

I'd make it a link if I knew how. Oh, and I finally have dark tower III flics soon, I don't slack.

Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live


hey, ride your bike to meadowln just a small update. custom goggle jinc. sold around the globe in '08, and the database has been updated too. words to live by...

*dumpster funk flowers drip candy.

klaims...i guess this would be "installment two" of the DFATL06 excursíonne. there's a lot more where this came from. hard to narrow it down. been meaning to post this for awhile, but i haven't had internet at my place for a month now. lame-co.
anywhooo...enjoy, it was a grand time. congrats again sidney!



happy new year to all! i had an awesome journey. here is 'INSTALLMENT ONE'...

*dumpster funk cook media room.
**yahhhhh area...

pro·cras'ti·na'tion n.
is a really evil drug
Aside from that, Happy New Year!!! 2007 is the year of moves and such! Congrads to Sid and Romana, wish I was there to say cheers! Mighty grand moves, a big step the whole crew is take'n notes on haha. Word to that.

Well its about mid Jan, I'm tryna wrap up a few things this month, my girl is visting until monday so I've been hang'n out with her when not on the grind. I got a major painting project coming up that will pretty much be me meal ticket out of San Antonio finally. Cali is an option I'm eye'n hard, like I'm amp'd to rock an SF fitted haha...If all is well I'll be out the house mid Feb, and on top of that I'll be the big 24 come Feb 17th, old it is .

Here's a pic of some goods I racked this past Christmas, I didn't really expect much but surprise surprise, I'm greatful =D

Here's a sampler for the GOP 2 book in the works, I was look'n through all my drawings and figured why notwell thats the skinny for now, Ben your up. Stay grand people