Almost out in SF, I have a painting to finish this weekend then I'm hitting the road. I think its gonna be a few days drive. Interesting times...

While I was in Florida, I got to stay with a friend of mine Jason Bennett. He graduated from Ringling a year before us as a CA and a job out of school as a Concept Artist for EA but recently got a concept job in the NY. I was fortunate enough to trade him these two oil studies, if you get the chance checkout his site and look up his self-portrait rock'n a beard, freak'n amazing!

I got them framed out here in SA at this really dope frame shop. I think the frame compliments the pieces pretty damn swell. Anyways, figured I'd share in hopes more folks out there will pick up a paint brush and do some paintings, I wanna get my fellow-artist collection game up dammit!

See you in the Bay


yo, this post isn't the heat your looking for sorry. just some quickies...

740 tahoe, neo-deo, da beach, los jarritos menu drawings, & jacked photos from this weekend (via: ryan and sarah) thanks in advance. better stuff soon...

*dumpster funk cosplay aye day.
**i think bags has that heat...

it's burt deez...here's some random scribble...hate it...

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Howdy, Klaimers,
Brooklyn update. Of Montreal played a live band karaoke set after their show at studio b last night, and I got to sing with them b/c i happen to dress like aquaman occassionally. Michael Showalter, from Stella and Wet Hot American Summer hosted the shindig. On a related note, I just spent some time in a recording studio in Philly recording 2 new songs and Haley Jane and I are working on a bunch of new images to coincide. On an unrelated note, Max Weinberg of Conan O'Brien fame walked into the gallery yesterday and we had a conversation that went like this;
"so you know me from conan?"
"well, yeah, but I'm more of a fan of your work with meatloaf on bat out of hell"
"you're too young to know that..."
anyways, that's my update. hope all is well.

yo, so its my last day at work and i had one request, "INCA FOOD IN THE TRAIN" nobody ever goes thur. it wasn't that bad the cold potatos with the yellow sauce with black speckles was kinda sick. but all in all not bad...

*dumpster funk inca stinka.
**goodbye idaho i like you!






+++Posting live from SA Town+++
Ajos gang, back in the SA Town from an extended trip out in the FL. Fun times catch'n up with my girl, Fl friends, and such but I'm ready to get stationary. I got a few weeks here then I'm wrap'n up things/projects andmake'n the SF trip happen. On with the post:

Here's a line of Tees I'm doing with D3, from my understanding these are being printed as you read, if the production goes smooth I'll have some to fire out to you guys. Pass me the addy /size and/color for the records.

I got this book the other day at a local half priced book store and thought it might be of interest. It was like 8 bucks but its ton of all these international/vintage/dope match box scans. Like over 200 pages of them. If you guys are interested in cop'n some I'll go back and rack them up for ya.
Got this in the mail the other day too, another De Fish mag. The cover made me laugh, not too hot, but we got a free page published. 1UP on promotion in the Euro. And to end the post here is a few flicks from Sota:
the new building on campus, its freak'n huge!

Here's a wall I did a year ago for D3 . Not really the greatest of pieces but its whatever. The robot walker was cool to work on though. They wanted me to draw up this 3 headed kid walking through the city on this robot walker using these colors. Took bout 3-4 days to knockoutThe Sota Beachall for now, stay healthty
PS: I am a rapper "HAACWON BITCH!" hahahahahaaa....but nah I am one, (BOX REB) My friend Wes in Orlando used me for his portfolio.
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(Haley Jane Samuelson)
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Haley Jane Samuelson)
Greetings from New York.
ps- shout outs to anyone who have lost teeth this year
pps- shout outs to the kids attacking the town of full house and rice a roni
ppps- shout outs to jodi sweetin
greetings from SF...

^temporary setup

^ghost rider goes all-country

^the newest employees at DF Industries

^crappy panorama