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100+ Character Designs
An in–depth serious study


– The Champion –
Artists statement:
" So they say, to the victor; Goes the spoils,
&Intend to Represent That. ”

( poosshiee )

Our living space will deteriorate into an urban cyber environment.
 Where all we see is white light and the only thing human are rare animals
lost wondering the streets. We have lost control.

Mean 1





Hood 2 Hood 3: Asia

Sorry to all my non American Immigrants,
I know you have hearts of gold and brains of Einstein,
but we’ll never know ?
How can we be friends  ?

A fleeting fantasy, disappearing, retreating.
Run my son, run G.O.D. speed. Handle, Handle.

Everytime iiiiii come around the block these team rocket scared to death
cause they know that my guns pop and thats the fastest reason for a sucka
to get popped & If u ride with mobs this then u know that it's knock knock.

Glamour & partying won’t buy her love.
Its her birthday but its her saddest one yet.

LGBT – Lets Go Bombing Tonight crew

White–Out Art

Iron 1

( forever free )


Who’s coming with ???? 

Heeesssss baaaccccckkkk

Ral ? 

No couldn’t be you…


Diverse shoe stylings


Huck & Sam


Honestly !

Picasso (The PS1 Game)

End of an era. When you broke your knee at that Brooklyn loft party 
because we saw that John Cardiel video & got hyped on frisco and skating ???? 
And u wanted to drop in on that indoor quarter pipe & ruined your life ????
U couldn’t move out, or show up for your first day of work,
meanwhile I was going back to frisco to be a.o.b. and be comfortable ?
This changed us forever, I was hitting on our friends ex that night,
I shoulda just told your drunk ass not to drop in !!!!!

Mosk 1


Damn, Baby


(1) Had fun the other day

Txt me later this week

Just found these boards on Haight Street.
Any girls txt me if you want them for free,


Straight legged–stance


Hong Xin Li

Tu Lan 2

I used to think that I wasn’t fine enough and
I used to think that I wasn’t wild enough…
but I won’t waste my time trying to figure out 
– why you playing games whats this all about ?????
and I can’t believe u hurted me
I met yo girl what a difference, 
what you see in her you aint seen in me,
but i guess it was just make believe ?
The tears of pure happiness that would fall on her lower back
now fall on your pillow at night alone in your room.

Look mom no 手 ?

' The Mover '

My ex girl told me to cut my hair should I ???

She’s on my way to get me, she’s in traffic…
 I hop in the shower; Girl, I hope 20 don’t mean an hour.

(2Had fun the other day ;o)
Txt me later this week

Kirbys Dreamland prt5

Do you want to go to San Jose ?
Right now ?
I got a car outside your house,
How much you wanna bet ?

Everybody's looking forward to dis weekend.

The Dreamer

Is that… Yeah it is her….

How are you ?
Oh, your texting your new boyfriend ?
Oh cool, glad every–things working out,
for everyone in society; Every–things perfect.

Merry pranksters laced with my friend with 30 hits of acid
thats not even chill or cool wtfrick (pass the rubber).

Famous Dumb Girls:

Anna Faris
Rachel McAdams
Alyson Hannigan
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Alicia Silverstone
Kate Winslet
Stacey Dash
Brittany Murphy
Mandy Moore
Reese Witherspoon
Selma Blair
Christina Applegate
Elisa Donovan
Melissa Joan Hart
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Britney Spears
Christine Taylor
Drew Barrymore
Tara Reid
Lindsay Lohan
Susan May Pratt
Mena Suvari
Julia Stiles (maybe)
Jamie Pressly
Larisa Oleynik
Marissa Ribisi – 100 Girls, Dazed & Confused
Hilary Duff – New Wave
Ashlie Brillault – New Wave, The Lizze Mcguire Movie/TV Show
Christy Romano – The Even Stevens Girl (Ren Stevens)
Margo Harshman – Even Stevens

Sincerely, lavish pearl pale unrealistically flavor to my favor.
Yellow fills our bombshelter yellow pale white violently shatters
into our eyes. Indestructible Energy. Causality. Spacetime Continuum.
Synchronicity. @Wu1 from: Meyags

What up Kre this ya obi goof. The 1rst installment of "T.O.R." 
was awesome. I especially liked the cancer gun !!!!
Stay UP & Stay out love ya bro…………GOOF !!!!

Kiwi Pineapple

In japanese clean and pretty is the same word. It kinda reminds
me of when a girl is really well put together, like a whole new fit,
like some white ass socks (some even like it when she’s not even
wearing socks, I see u out there) she kinda gets +1 +2 +3 up (and
then you gotta ask if theres such thing as an 11 or not) and the
whole issue about her vagina being “clean” or not... it just really
makes you appreciate a girl that is 21 and got her own spot, with
her bed made and there ain't dirty ass Kswiss all over the place
like were in the projects or something. (I just thought I’d tell u I’ll
love u, na na na I really love you !!!!you know what u don’t
wanna love me tho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She keeps the best kush on
deck, I ain't even gotta roll up, I ain't gotta poke her, at times I
wonna grow up 


Nut 1

Ratio 3

Potty Trainer Boy





Shaggy Ranks

I cant believe I got so hexed !!!!!!!!!!! Life is too real holla back
youngin' buy me a veggie taco & have a serious talk with me
my phone on, I'm on market, I'm downtown its cool you didn't pick
up my phone call I'm glad. I know ur number off top, but then I 
heard u got choked out at that halloween party wtf ? Did u get
hexed too ? I called my ex ex ex girl and I decided I didn't want
to talk to either of you ? ?


Princess Luna

July 21, 1996:
Stephany Ehler,
born on BART train,
awarded free rides for 
a lifetime

Sticker instillation
Artist unknown:
–what is know is...
They are good, very good.




Li Peng


These are a few of our favorite things

As you recall you know I love to show off,
but u never thought that I’d take it this far.

Flex Sketch


Old Habits Die Hard…

Mickey (1)

Mickey (2)

Mickey (3)


Comic Con L–R Booth

Special Placement

Yung Wario 
Note: Wearing Stolen Mario Plumbers' Hat

" The Librarian "


Anime Lovers Anonymous
( Bucket Hat Division )



Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Row & Etheridge


I want to disappear forever, I wish I had a mask on all
the time, I never want to show my face ever again
I’m so ugly I can’t face the world …

This goes out to our best friend 
¡ Que te la pases bien y no mires atrás…. !


What’s going to happen ??????? 
What the fuck you guys can’t crash here…
but I have the key ? WTF you guys had all
fucking day to do this. OK that’s it I can’t sleep
it’s way to fucking smelly & I need to get out
the van. Bum bombing. I'm just soooooo

Another all nighter trying to get it done,
barely making it home before the morning sun…

It hurts doesn't it …

Emilio says, "Later."


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