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so i got my cam back. these are some new photos uploaded. some twizzle life stuff. just catching up cause you know how bad i am with the tele. i will be posting more often since i got the killa cam returned. i hope all the friends are doing swell!

get at a relative,
*dumpster funk graphics pack.

for those of you who have tried to get ahold of me in the past month, this is what i've been doing. big ups to b2 for the wonderful illustrations.

- d

this is the dumpster funk bmx round 1. it started out with a $20 bike from the thrift store. then the amateur sketch. then ordering some hot parts. restored the crome with chemicals. and bam now you have round 1. i wish i would have done a before and after shot. i still want to make a custom seat, sew a DF frame pad, orange peddles, and black cranks, white brake cabel and put this dope vintage chrome sprocket on. thats the plans for reup round 2. D$ gave me tons of parts and help big up. its kinda a collabo project. but this is it so far. enjoy.

*dumpster funk orange & green racketeer crew.
Tees I designed for this start-up company, "surface". These are sample tees, awaiting to see which will print, I think they are only gonna pick 2 to start out
Ah'low, Check check it, here's a pic from the kind people at Uberbot. They had the munny show last night. Apparently there was 140 plus entries, insane I know, sucks I didn't get to be there, you can see flics of all the munnys plus crowd shots on thier site: Me and Cheeks took a trip out to Austin yesterday, it was mighty cool, way hipper then SA-Town. Got to run into some cool stores too, I meet this one dude who showed me this dope ass shoe spot and also recommended I go see this David Choe collab piece that was down the way, its pretty obivious Choe did the gyrl but I'm not too sure who the burner was but I know hes a SA-Town local, all in all austin was cool, the face is mighty clean on that choe piece....oh and dam how did france lose the world cup?!?!?! dammit
What it do, howdy from SA-town, been bizzy, lazy, grind'n, sleep'n, lax'n count'n days blazy blah and lollygag'n...for the most part tryna stay active hang'n out with the fam, do'n the art thing and hang'n out with my girl. All fun and what not. Also been watch'n the world cup. r'ght now, my bet is on FRANCE! There game is nice I must say. I'll tryna to run ya up on the skinny, kinda tired so work with me:

-I sold a painting not to long ago to this art collector out in Cali, this dude's art collection is sick! below is his crib and some paintings he owns (SI look at the dam phil hale piece...shht, I know) Mighty cool guy too.-I got two black and white drawings gonna be published in this book :
-I finished a munny for the second show at Uberbot, the show is this Sat. It looks better in person but yeah, I slack'd on the time so I didn't hook it up as much as I wanted too but its cool for now I guess. "5 angels of oki"....I used my sis' cam so my cam game on this is low-I'm working on a series of posters with the theme beauty and the beast in mind, still in the outline phase but here's the line drawings I do have finished:
-Here's a drawing of Yara I did while she was playing video games a couple of days back-sketchbook spread and under that is a sketch work for this project Cabege and I are working on: "CURLIES"I should be posting more junk as I progress I would post more but I'm gonna nap haha
lazy ass I know, but yeah I'll get at ya'll, hope all is well
-Ben I'll get you that killarmy mixtape cd !
get at ya'll soon, be esay