08/22/19, 12:25AM Eastern Standard Time
Klaimco ,  Gulab jamun (playALL


0ur scent diffusers are loaded with Eucalyptus
&& Tangerine Essential 0ils: 

It reminds me of you as it travels to 
    the back of my mind

    Now that’s a real idea

    You got dizzy & fell off

I once wrote a poem
It was in a notebook 
A notebook that was real special.

    Late @ night I would go to this canal
in the hood & write in it.

I wonder what was in that exact book…

Maybe it was something like:  V S BN

    Go to your pag3:
    Young People in the City
    Tree, Heall (heal–all) 
    Rock–0ut, In the Car    e
    0ver glass
    A part of childhood
    A relationShip
Sent back
    A Push, A Presuppose

    Fly under

Where were you born ?