Ajos ajos, comosta..., I gotta post a mini-post r'ght quick before I clockout for the night, what is good I owe alot of ya'll a ring tone but I'll get at ya soon, been mighty eventfull on this side of the map which is pretty nice, here's the quick skinny:

-The Bags birthda
y was mighty nice, I went bowl'n and done did it
-Saw Wu-tang live! Wow, dope show on the mighty high 5 tip, I even gave Masta Killa dap and was r'ght next to Ghostface when he was give'n out KFC chicken buckets to the crowd haha, wish ya'll was there
-to clear the note I still don't curse or drink, word
-Klaimco has a Myspace page now, log name is "klaimco@hotmail.com" and the password is the same as the one on here, go sign in and add text it needs life or somth'n I just filled out the basics
-I finished the Klaimco dunks and will be sale'n them on ebay in april (the aim that is) -I went to the sneaker Jam on Sat, it was cool, nothing to crazy, meet some decent connects so that might be helpful down the line, I'll be get'n pro-style flicks past to me so I'll post when they come through
-I went and saw Gary Basman's lecture tonight at Rollins College, I only saw half of the lecture but it was cool, I dunno if ya'll dig his work but I've always had the interest and respect for what he does how much ground he has covered with his work, he shared some good insight, hes head'n out to uberbot morrow night to do a signing, I'll be there for a sec, more so to shake his hand and get my Baseman deck signed, haha...what a fan r'ght -I went to megacon on a free pass tip sunday, it was chill, the highlight of the con visit was cop'n a dopeTaiyo Matsumoto book for 5 bucks!! Its called "No.5" Its freak'n dope, I want all his comics now, sample his stuff when you can-Blacktop skateshop done did this shirt, its on american apperal and sales 20 a pop, he (james-the owner) was pretty amp'd about this shirt so he wants to do a line, I mean you know I'm down but we'll see if he is really commited to go through with it, he's provide'n the funds and I'm get'n SB Dunks in trade, what a deal!!! haha...production is slowly roll'n, I didn't pick the colors for this run though, to be honest I think it would of looked better if the colors were reversed, or atleast have the image be a darker color cause its kinda hard to read but eh, its whateva for now, first bags shirt on my end for the '06, The next shirt in production is his dog drawing I did, just the outline...kinda amp'd to see what it looks like on a shirt I'm gonna dwell in slumberland for a bit, eat healthy folks -the dam bags

P.s. Everyone welcome Burt Diesel to the KCblog!, Glad to see you on man, I'll get at ya
P.S.s Interpol is really good, I'm a fan, go buy they album

***Projects projects projects*** -

greetings from the HOUSESHOES INC front.
here go some thangy thangs.
watch out for collabs from SI and HOUSESHOES INC in the near future.
that is all.

-Burt Diesel
hey friends,

hows it going? i have been super busy at work making concept for custom googles/poles/helmets. then on friday they go to switzerland for this big meeting. i hope some of my concepts aren't to weird and some of this stuff gets produced. i am moving out this weekend into this fresh crib right next to the lifts. i got a sewing machine this weekend too. project wise: DF has seven new shirts on standard deluxe and we have been working on 2 album covers. also, i have been working on this photo project. the concept is its a series of seven that will be for sale and in a nice frame on the site. if series one sells it will fund series two. to reach seven is the goal/finale.

^series one (kinda small).

be safe,

^freezing cold snowing with only a sweatshirt. shot by d.s. this past weekend.

*dumpster funk make some noise.
**what are you guys attacking these days?
Bagger 23!!! The dam bags turned 23 Hahaha...SI said it best, Thanks for the jolly words partnas! Wish ya'll was here to share the name day, it was actually grand, its like 3 am and my day is still going, I've been meaning to post early today but I got festive and jinc! but yo heres the quick skinny:

I'm gonna see Wu-Tang live in St.Pete Sat nite!! Gitty ofcourse, shht its Wu-tang in 2006!

just cop'd the "Send Help" SB DUNKS and the "hawaii" SB DUNKS in trade for painting up this dudes skateshop, working on it next week I'll take flix

Send Help Dunk SBs
Hawaii Dunks SB (dam I tried these on, the dopest kicks I'll soon to own, shht)
I'm almost finished with these kicks, here is what I have so far, there is go'n to be a sneaker shoe out here in O'Town, I'm gonna be "klaimco" promote'n

flyer for the sneaker show ( I didn't make it)

- I got an idea to custom some van kicks, anyone interested!
- Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy
- I work at Borders as a day job haha...its alright but its pay'n the rent so I can do all this other stuff on the time off
- Miles davis, acrtic monkey, Jel, and interpol is steady on the Jam list
- The Ny trip might have to be pushed back til march, sucks I know but my funds have been get'n beat bad these days so I gotta re-up
- I will call all of you, sorry for the lay low period, I'm talk'n to this amazing indie chick

Cabege u weren't here for my birthday but your friends were, they say "what it do playa?"
what else, myspace sucks since we started this thing haha, but yo thats all for now cause i'm dam sleepy, I'll get at ya

***bags bagger bagzy 43 043 b-43 bagger43 bags43 bags-four-three***
Happy Burfday Mr. Brown

Bagger 23!!!!


get dat, smash. curlies, gully, I'm white.
S.I. 4

S.I. 4

Our photographer shot all my pieces I brought in PROfessioinally, and damn, it's the best they've looked. Today I ate a little caifornia pizza kitchen, had a beer, and checked out the guess store in beautiful downtown ATL all on lunch. The f'n life right here. livin it. real big. We are getting Vanity Fair model work "underwear not magazine" sooo I am going to be retouching alot of Victoria Secret type of work. Making skinny curlies skinnier or less skinny as I please. Did some arby's retouching yesterday, nothing so far today but retouch my whole portfolio for the companies use. Pretty sweeet.

The gun is probably not done, but it is. here is the new final for the CD, DF, if you like this version better, tell me and we will go with this one. if not, I'm giving it to Romana soon. she likes it. Check out new Kent Williams piece. oh my...Also worked on my 3x4 last night and I'm excited to face it tonight. It's got to be a good one.

dan rivera invades the district
ok, so this doesn't have anything to do with klaimco, but i thought i'd just post some pics from this past weekend for all ya'lls ta drool over.

***yes, that is a real tatto. no, i don't know what the fuck he was thinking.

***runnin dis bitch

***somebody made this gay snow-hampster-thing with a place to sit on his lap

***the fabled moustache de amorrrrr
dear klaimers,

hey, i got an opportunity for all of you. ok here is the deal: my friend alexa in san diego is curating this show. (please visit http://www.threadshow.com/photos.html ) and click on art. thats the space. she asked me if i knew of anybody good that would be down. i showed her ya'll websites. so she was like get all these kids mailing addresses so i can mail them information on the show. so email me your mailing addresses and you will get information about the show if your intrested. (it seems offical. 2,500 people were at the last show). i don't know all the gritty details (except the show is march 26th and its a nice spot you could sell your stuff) but i will keep you guys posted. hit me up at bniznik@meadowln.com.

taller than your boy,
*dumpster funk jump shooters.
**i wish we had klaimco merch ready for this show i could probably get us a booth. i want to get a dumpster funk booth in the near future. (the show is seasonal).
***oh bagger i think this would be a dope spot to sell that deck. holler.

^"KILLA KLAIM" a new page in my sketchbook. its kinda for fellow member bar-easy. enjoy!


First illustrious stration for work. A little brib the company is printing to give to the art director of a new client. They used their secret weapon...me. They don't want me to f up any real jobs. They really aren't gonna give this piece away. It's a joke to keep me occupied til my pink slip comes through.
Calling all DFer's for help. CD is due pretty soon. sorry. my fault.

Paintings are coming slowly but steady.

ATL is cooler than Bow Wow is. which is cool.

na naa naa naa
(((The K-Co))) what it do, sorry late on the response tip, haven't really been myself these days, kinda feel like crap actaully but I'll be up and bags brown'n it by week's end..(((Ben))) I got the goods, dam kid thanks for the hook up, haha..the kartoon cards and the ying yang+dmx shirt made the bags gitty like Ken move! Major Domo (thanks much) Amazing! package tag-back! My turn my turn!

(((Objective for this month on my end)))
-Get the www.klaimco.com and www.boxrebs.com pages atleast online with a front page
-Talk with deesteez and formulate the set logo
-The funds are kind of scracy in my pocket this days so I'm look'n to atleast do one of the two: 1.) make one line of shirts 2.) make a line of stickers
-handle these kicks I'm work'n up
-handle this skate deck Ben Passed back
-handle these verses for rebs, freak'n A, "That Reb got that new new ish enough to make tang sparkle, dam the rebs!"
-handle my health, like dine well motives, I'm like choke'n on cornflakes haha

Alright so yeah thats a quick skinny, I'll re-up on folks comments soon so check that, in the mean-time say hey to "Casey Jones" few of ya'll seen him few of ya'll haven't so I wanna share, I'll get a better reproduction soon, looks better in person, til the next bags post, watch kartoons at a low and eat green apples!

(((Ps: I don't remember send'n Chase an invite)))


iight these are some shirts we finished its titled "so you'll go". for this band dance jenny. still warm from the dumpster funk grill...

*dumpster funk we don't want your watch.
**is everyone ready for the REAL DUMPSTER FUNK SITE? well its in the works. so hold you on. i know you can.
***i listened to box reb all today at work over and over. studying. when i get on the beats. you'll see (i'm amping it up).
****box guts. still holding on. get gitty. i was wondering what your album cover looks like? post up.

<----click to enlarge.
S.I>4 here posting some ish some might not have seen, It's my color rough of my first painting for the commission. Here's the goods, The gun study is the way some parts of the piece will be rendered while other areas are more suggestive and loose. The characters might get made fun of by my dear friends over at D.F., but you must take it up with Mr. King because I am following his words.

Tomorrow's the first day at work, It should be a good time. Oh, Bareez is the new Orgy/Fiona Apple Collab video, here's a screen shot. Peace from the dirte'


ok kids, just thought i'd post these for your viewing pleasure. this is what me, ben, and bags were throwing around a couple weeks ago. would like to get a little input from everybody else. likes/dislikes/color ideas, etc...

love always,
*** d ***

klaimco logo studies
enter? why not?!?
-bags: kicks is com'n

So yeah I pretty much finished this piece, I try'd paint'n it but I was lose'n alot of what I was dig'n in the drawing, I'm passing it off today and this french dude is supose to lay down some hand-script in the red, I hear hes good but i dunno, we'll see. Place'n all these tats on them makes me want to get a sleave now! hmmm....thats an option, Alright I'm off to get some Pollo Tropical and then back to the lab to hook up the kicks, grind grind, dam sid, make'n me want to just forget everything and just stick to oil paint'n, that gun looks sweet man, post higher res shots.
-Bags ***smash***

Here I am...

S.I. -Fulltime juggler

Back from Sayre-sota and ready to smear the rainbow on wood (hetero style)

Ben- Call me first, I dare you.

I am waiting for Daddy Warbucks (the good doctor) to meet with me to see the 3'x 4' frame for the first time. This thing takes effort to make well. I still have to power sand the face of it to give it the porcelain goddess effect. This thing doesn't look big in the flic, but it's almost nipple height on me. Formiddable but exciting that it's already sold.

I am finishing this study of a 1848 Colt Dragoon Pistol which is the gun I picked out of all of the history of revolvers as Roland's gun from The Dark Tower series. These books are really good so clutter your nightstand with some King.

Also trying to finish this Albert React CD cover I want DF to go over me on. I like the painting as a piece but I want you to "do it up real big" with the graphic design to make it a good package design. The lyric I am illustrating loosely is "the trees are screaming through the ground, and we're drowning them out" I want you to clear up the message however you see fit. Patterns, fabrics, Just stay kind of serious with it. I trust you....ehem.

Another painting I am waiting to dry (all my photos are bad) is a piece got some good green for right outta school. I went over it and re-painted some parts. It looks cool in person and is 2.5' x 3.5'.

I start my job on Monday and am thankful for it. I can live like a normal person now, almost. I have to go home and paint for a year, but it's a great way to keep pushin it. I agree with bags and don't want to see my old work ever again, even the rabbits (especially) Tower series is the first of the new S.I. (Death to my Characters, sorry B2 and painting exclusively from my head)

Alice in Wonderland Show 2007 w/ or without Tim McCormick (showing currently with Barber)

Dustin this could have been you...wink.

this is MY wig peace.

Heres a drawing that I'm turning into a painting for this French poet's Artbook. Its pretty sweet, I get to layout a two page spread and the book comes out in Europe...kinda amp'd about this one, I get a copy in Nov. The poem is about this dude long'n for this gyrl, but this gyrl is totally get'n smash'd by this other dude and somehow the word wolf was used so yeah that explains the mask...emo. I dig the drawing, I know its kinda Mr. Jean influence'd but once I lay down the paint that should change the vibe, I'm adding the poem to the left, I'll keep the process posted...dam, much to do much to do....FEB, Month 2 lets get it!