#include <math.h>
            double sqrt(double X);
            float  sqrtf(float X);

       sqrt computes the positive square root of the argument...

       On success, the square root is returned. If X is real and positive...

$ perldoc -f sqrt ;youcan’thide
       sqrt EXPR no charge
       sqrt  #Return the square root of EXPR.  If EXPR is omitted, returns
               #square root of $_.  Only works on non-negative operands, unless
               #you've loaded the standard
               #you've free'd your mind
Math::Complex module.
               #cookies Sincerely, B N

Klaimco, KC Fantasy Team † #17 #goldenpatch :0) Sincerely, B N


† #17 Dennis Schröder (German pronunciation: [ˈʃʀøːdɐ];[1] born September 15, 1993) is a German professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Standing at 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m), he plays at thepoint guard position. Schröder formerly played for SG Braunschweig andPhantoms Braunschweig. He is widely regarded as one of the best talents in German basketball[2][3] and has drawn many comparisons to fellow NBA point guard Rajon Rondo.[4]

Schröder is the son of a German father and a Gambian mother. He stated that he started focusing on his basketball career after his father died in 2009.[5] He and his brother were both heavily involved with skateboarding until Dennis found basketball at age 11.[6] His agent is former German basketball national player Ademola Okulaja.[7]

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Sleeping Becomes Nightmares. Laying awake at night
...For eating is irrelevant cuz I get sick.

The aid descent Help one Bit i Fucking See Her everywhere. i can't live like this. the drapes pulled closed. My frown ever flowing with thoughts of you. I never sleep well. Find no meaning in anything. Fucking cold some nights and 101 outside on a tank top. Cuz why not. Numb it seems becoming me falsely indent. Flying is exciting. Plz trust something; Me in my sleep... i am you.

if i die
B4 i wake.
pray my soul to
save. cuz if she
does pass. my
soul on to her

Klaimco, ' Compassion, Passion, & Fashion '

A 14 Hour Photographic Essay of 22 Images:
Shot in Tokyo Japan on the Night of 1/1/2016



B N 

1/1/2016 4:25am RDLC (laughing in the inside) on Tokyo Metro

Style (1): Shoes 2 Pants Connect

Style (2): Food–Style; Style in Food


Style (3): Louie Bag™ Rip, NB's, a lil' Baggy Pin–stripe Pants

Run the Planet: 2016 Decision Makers