quick scan before bed. friday? grand weekend to all!

*dumpster funk tomorrow everywhere.


what up. what up. so i got my super bastards in the mail the other day. go undo. thanks man! also i whipped up a 'versus' poster for mr. 43 to put up. i just felt like taking a break and make something right quick. i hope everyone is doing swell. holler at a twiz.

*dumpster funk blue polo.
**bags im emailing you the url of the high res of that poster. and feel free to add to it.
***btw hows fla? holler.


just finished this drawing for this pack that goes out to gooser. drawing is back...

how was the tweakend?!,
*dumpster funk face west.
**43 good luck on that test. get that. get that.


took a break from dreamweaver. messing around in illustrator...

*dumpster funk soccer team.


ds took these. i was holder. they are old photo album covers we found at this flea market. then it was off to jackpot, nv which i broke even.

*dumpster funk oranges.

What does it do?! Ben-good convo, get sleep haha....Big Red and Undoboy- thanks for the feedback on Charlie Baker, We'll diff get at ya once stuff is more off the ground. Cabage-I'll send the Curlies package in a few days, Burt-deez- MOVE TO NY NOW!, the music is calling you! Doug- tell burt-deez to move in with you! SI-Tell Burt-Deez to move to NY, Dusty- How was the trip to ATL?

Bags: took flics today at this train spot down the street from where i stay, they had some decent graff today. I saw some really dope ones early that day when I drove by, wanted to take flics but the train moved, I was pissed- enjoy for now..

After the graf, is flics of my room I'm locked up in, first is a wall of ideas and drawings in the works, next is the inspo, then off to the "B-2 X B-43 " Skatedeck still in the works, then paintings that need to finished, then last a drawing I'm bout to paint over. I'm tired as shht...haha, off to slumberland folks,