Well Hot dam folkS!!!! The Klaimco store just might have to go up next week!, I'll run you down on the skinny soon, let me know how many of ya'll got product to sale, I'm amp'd, I'll tell ya'll more about it -Bags tryna dinewell dammit

close your eyes cause this is a newer DF poster. now open them. enjoy!

*dumpster funk chicago bulls in the 90's.
**if you have some freetime this weekend. or need a break from your party... grab yourself some popcorn and a glass of water and check out this film. its the history of the paris graffiti scene. update your french and its really good even if your not into that sorta thing. at about 1hr 5 mins into the movie the O'CLOCK part man. oh man savenger.

link----> Twenty years of graffiti in Paris.


your boy james jean just did the new calexico cover. http://www.processrecess.com/ pep game if you want it its on my server for exclusive downloading. holler. have a good weekend.

be safe,
**dumspter funk nine to nothing.

i don't mean to steal any steam fom bags here (the stuff you've been posting is great, man, keep it up). this post has nothing to do with klaimco, but i though tit was too funny to let go. i was going through my archive of images on my computer looking for some ish for this poster we're working on and ran into a lot of old gems i forgot about...

^this is from when me & dan first got back from europe a few summers ago, before i had the ring through the lip. yes, a girl dyed my hair black in spain. yes, that is a combover.

^the ill lip-ring. yeah that shit got me laid, son.

^back when i was the drummer for good charlotte.

and i saved the best for last. enjoy all...
- d

dunno why blogger lighten up images by yeah, here some ish i done did today, still got to knock out the body, dam bags done got digital,

Doug got your message man, I'll get at you soon

i tried to post this ish last night and blogger was being bunk. its like a ghost town around these parts as of late. ok, i went to a melissa herrington show in town. things were going for around 5 G's a pop. her show sold out. she lived in tampa all her life now she lives in LA. yeah i got her contact. yeah she is wifey material. uh-oh.

*dumpster funk sister act.
**is everyone taking a nap? a little african sleeping sickness? wake up. lazyness is not tolerated (your wrist just got slapped by a ruler).
***BOXXOB REBBER. doug i am mailing you a box. watch out in april.
****lets get a KLAIMCO birthday party up on this (whispering: its SI's birthday on saturday).

So yeah its been mighty bizzy on this end of things, it looks like I'll be booked all the way through early April. I've been working on pretty much concept art junk since I finished the wall cause apparently Lucas Arts is com'n through next week so I gotta gear some new work for them...kinda lame I got late notice but I'll see what I can do....I got invited to be apart of a few Gallery shows in April, I'll keep you posted on the skinny with that and yeah I'll leave you with this in process landscape-ish, totally not Klaimco junk but its whateva haha...yeah Oh and Ben THAT GHOSTFACE! gotta ear'dem sound boi!
crappy flicks but heres the wall i finished up last week...I might go back back and tweak it a bit, but for now its done....where is everybody?
your all in trouble now...

*dumpster funk bluetooth.

Jolly Good!!Here's some flicks of the wall in the skateshop, kinda spacey in content, I'm make'n everything up as I go, should be done by morrow, atleast thats the aim.Also while at the shop, I was stoked to get this dope original drawing from Ben's (one of the other guys that works at the skateshop) little brother Chase. Pretty talented for being 16 and he brought his binder full of his drawings, it was cool stuff. I got to the shop around 5-6 and hung'out/chat'd it with Ben and Chase til they dip'd at 7. I stayed at the shop for a few hours after drawing'n away. Thats all for now
hello again,

these are just some newer findings. i just got back from the bookstore my old roomate hooked me up with a mega discout. plus some other random stuff mixed in. hey bags thats the fabric i want to use on the new stuffed animals. i made some new sketches too i need to post up.

can you inhale the weekend?
*dumpster funk user guide
**doctor wheat i will give you a call tomorrow we have been doing the "your it" for quite sometime.


welcome this is my new setup pep game. then come join twizzle in the yards for some quick get ups...

^new destroying laboratory (sometime i will get around to fixing up those allstars for you barreeezeee. suprise spoiled).

^the view from my room.

^be double.

^dumpst__ ____ (like box reb we some hangmen)

^tippsy toes tall.

^roomate hide and seak.

*dumpster funk ballroom dancing.
**so now you got a short tour inside my brain for a couple seconds. post up fellas. i wanna see whats going on these days.

(yard photos by the boy D.S.)
Greetings from the bags, how's it do? More skinny and flicks and such. Below I got flicks of the Skateshop wall i'm working on, still in producto but here is like maybe 8-12 hours of work, I got these crazy bird head dudes run'n through a city, spacey but I dig, kinda amp'd to finish it, should be done by weds. Here is a bad flick of a piece I did live at the surf/skate expo early this year, I did this for/donated to this cancer fondation for kids that skate, I dunno how they are gonna sale it but its theres so yeah, its not too big in size but its decent Here is a flick of a dope ass truck I'm gonna draw and possibly make a shirt, someone in our apartment complex push's this, classic more flicks!! more flicks!! haha......flicks form the Sneaker Jam, just a sample, more flicks at this link http://deepvision.net/spotlight_sole2soul.html

Bags and James the owner of Blacktop Skateshop
Bags with the ill face and titties to the far right haha...you see them shhts Birds dig shoes too,Dj Y-not and Snoop (Blacktop mascot) was there too

Geez what else is go'n on, umm...once I finish the skateshop wall I got some other thangs to handle oh and apologizes about the password thing for the myspace, its the same password as this but with 06 added to the end of the password, sorry I forgot that was at the end cause I'm so used to type'n the password for this, try it and let me know if you get it I'ght.

Man I gotta go to sleep, thats all for now, more to come....bizzzy bizzy bizzy grind grind grind and wear shin gaurds when tryna bust a skate moves u don't know how to do, I busted my shhts haha

**P.S. Ken Gitty sold at Uberbot for $375$, Mr. Gitty has left the building***