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in privacy•••

Demix™ town
so real <bad> 
In—flight gambling•••

World fund. Nice amount. Pocket watch. Going 2 fass >
u hurt•••

really replying
get ON•••

take that oN
ReRouteRoutine¡ ;0) Sincerely, B N


Klaimco, Be real regular
& orderly in your life,
soso that you may not be real
& unoriginal in ur real work. :0)

Sincerely, B N #doubtit #tradition

Klaimco, Life’s a Real Movie (The Movie Script) 
[No Dialog] #allimagesinyourmind

Plot 1 – Scene#1
Fire Cracker Exploding right before it left ur Hands. Holding a long thin metal pipe with the Firework shooting out resembling a rocket launcher. A TRU Magnolia Tree off in the distance. I remember it being totally exciting (that R.I.P.–tide-rush) ! Think the cops were called. They couldn't find the culprit who was launching these things off. Also, once at R Ws' house this real bad skater-kid with GAT™ Jeans had a grip of fireworks & was shooting them into on coming traffic. We were hiding behind this wall just ducking out behind it (sorta 1/2 hanging out with real cool real bad skater–kid who was waaay older than US). Back 2 it… The works were lit then put down a thin long pipe. We watched him fire it a few times into the traffic. Then we left. Maybe that's why Sports & Compositions & Schools - kinda Keep Kids (film) (1995) busy. It maybe helps 4 dem 2Stay out of trouble &/or get into trouble - Thus, have a story 2 tell. Next time I'll talk about the crack house in Ryan's Neighborhood. Trap Trap Trap or Just a place kids would go Smoke Loud with spray painted walls. Just testing the paint-out. Stay Tuned ... :0)

Plot 2 – Scene#2
T. B. D.

Plot 3 – Scene#3
You made a thing.
Your Business BOOMed.
You bought Stuff.
Then your Business ran low ! :0(

(ƒOG) #now

Hedges running along fields.
Greenland, Ireland, Nova Scotia, Wyoming (all in one), tied 2gether. The Road Winds - the tan Fiat™ with NO top. Just runs along the coast but you can't see it. Running along the highway. The roads go the other way around. The driver drives like the driver lives. Slow & Fast - we GO. All along the workplace cycling through. The rolling fields of Questers. The town of Apopka (activate it) ! :0)

Plot 4 – Scene#4
Grand Pop - Grandpop - GrandPoppu - GrandPoppy.

Motors Tooting - Motor Oil -
Cars Start - Car Park - Lots -
Tons - KiloBrands - Slaps - Habits - Thoughts - The Sword & Stowe. :0)

Plot 5 – Scene#5
You live/d in a cold place when snow & ice are chilling on the ground for a long while - the stuff doesn't move - science & the earthz locationz 2 the sun won't let it. The Subaru™ factory workers with the 4 wheel drive won't let the factory close. They (the product which is the car/s) are built well & the Yen; Well won't go dry in this lifetime. They could invent the next flying car. This means a lot 2 Us. The energy around the corner.  :0)

Plot6 – Scene#6
SweetWafer Club.
Sabal Palm.
Sabal Point.
(Yeah? So What) ¬
Sabal Point Country Club.
   China Comes in
Blesses the Land in Yen.
34 Frosty Flavors @ the Mövenpick Hostel. 

Plot7 – Scene#7
Breath Taking.
River Runs Through—it.
All Along the Run.
Take you away.
Take us away.
Take away or Stay.
Distraught or Taught.

Plot8 – Scene#8
Onyx in a Place.

Plot9 – Scene#9
Give a little bit.
Bit by file by file.
Cloud by Cloud.
Kraft Single by Single.
Nights Templar.
Night Terms.
Peak Peeking Peeping Peering Reappearing.

Revolving rood.
Voit Football - Chuck It.
High into the sky.
Don't force it.
Let it go natural.

Plot10 – Scene#10
Let your body fly.
Dong (Sound).
Spirits find Rest.
Oh Yeah Life Goes On.
Long After the Thrill of Living is Gone.
Little Diddy.

Plot11 – Scene#11
GO just GO.
Do your thing.
No1 Can Stop your > Progression.
Your Regression doesn't exist.
You just keep on going.
Your in the United States.
We need 2 Leave again (why?) ?
You have already left.
Left in a way where your already back.
You want to go again.
It's all worn off.
The land doesn't last.
It's flat (like a tire–––d).
How to change the energy ?
Move your body.
Wiggle around.
Make something.
Be Something.
You start a business.
It's all well. In the wellllllllllllllllllll.
It's a double repeat.
2 Lives all mixed into 1.
It a white desk with writing all over it in a 'Play-Room' :0)

Plot12 – Scene#12
Once New Now Warn (Worn).
Speed Trap.
Collection of all needfulz.
Fills Frillz Business.
No Business.
Nude Business.
It's OPEN.
The Business is Waiting.
OPEN armed.
Over around that hill.
By the river that winds.
Your Contribution.
2 the Planet.
In a new way.
A way that's full frontal.
It's going 2 the people who seek.
The Adventurist.
It passes them energy 2 make something as well. Or just 2 take it in. Then the Energy can be used by the person. (Don't TRY - Just GO) #reflectionz on A pure advancement. 9679. 

Plot13 – Scene#13
Ship - collect the shipments.
2 Gluten—free Blueberry Muffins #youthful
Nothing Junky - Pure.
Far Out.
Far Out Side.
1 2.
(Writing as a Format) blaaaaat.
Arron Blaat (photo bro).
Blotto Protégée.
Guidance Challenge.

Plot14 – Scene#14
Dry your clothes outside.
In the Front of the House.
You got Touareg GAS.
A Full Tonka service fill UP.
The person behind the register comes out to help. Very Very Energetic. It's raining now. Windy Sunny Cloudy. The SUN is blocked. The SUN is out. Your outside but your inside (a car). Makeshift Shifting  - Shift UP ! Shift DOWN. Your in N (neutral) - Your views are Neutral. A Neutral Stance on Everything. Your a Central. Comedy Central. Slam Dunkin' on the city. A recording session gone wrong. A twitter beef turns violet. ViO-Let. You have a black hoodie on with an All-Over print Flocking. You want to Float. First you wake up then run 2 the water then you float amongst the liquid. Floating on top, with your head back looking at the sky. You weightless. You R weightless. You weightless (money left your bank account (in a good way). The teacher doesn’t know (its funny). Your body doesn't have to do any work. Blood is running through it constantly. It's a machine… it's a motor. It's a piece of nature yet nature is scared of your commitment/s. BBBecause you will use use use. Give back in some kind way. Some kind of way. You were kind 2 the earth. Be kind 2 your body. Bring the good in. Hold the bad back with your hands. It's a heavy load. You should put it down. Your muscles can't hold it any longer. You tried. You need to rest & pick it back up later. Your BACK carrying the weight. How can you make the load lighter ? Lighten - UP !  :0)

Plot15 – Scene#15
Loyal - Silence - Ball - Make it.
Dip in the Dip.
Lost it Found it possible.
It all came in - all at once.
Five on Fix.
You thought it was Six.
F. X.
It's OK your not perfect.
Boogers Build up.
Things that don't do anything.
It's a clean out system.
A filter.
A Vact to suck everything up.
Then you let it all out.
Like a Saxaphone.
Playing true to it's temp.
Love evoL.
A collect ion of icon.
A River bed all dried up.
A Balloons in the sky sky.
Hot Air.
Sun Dried Tomatoes in a jar in the fridge. Breathing up a big breath.
A breath that will recharge you.
All in one. An Everything Bagel. In the bagel. Around the bagel. On the plate. On the detox. On the the Deconstruction. On the remake. On the time. No time on the Day. The day turns rotten. Then it turns UP into something great you'll look back upon. Summer Winter Fall. No Spring. Prelude. Prolong. Pro-lounge. If you'll have me +1.

Plot16 – Scene#16
Lean around the corner.
Have a peek.
Do Not Lean.
Needful Things (2).
Who was that person ?
What was that place ?
You know that thing ?
No we don't.
It's all pieced together.
Do it solo.
No you need a printer.
Grab a part.
Who 2 Choose.
It's a match made.
It's not that bad.
Your bad it.
Bad as you wannabe.
Who's saying something ?
Gabba Gabba.
Pour Gabby.
People make fun.
B&W water rafting.
Using all the water.
Using all the petrol.
Using it all up.
Just so it seems 'fresh' &/or good for you. Not feeling the flow. Middle Finger Humor - :0)

Plot17 – Scene#17
Doverment Pincher.
Porsche 911 (the tan interior is a must & the turbo is optional).
What can I get from that ? What can I get for that ? Fischer Price Barn. The people with no arms are compete wind verse Nautical Compassion-ightsssssssss (read it over it makes sense). The people with no arms are compete wind verse Nautical Compassion-ightsssssssss (wait no sense all at the words). (whoa you lost me). Ment2. Competition with No 1. You always don't get the victory. Your Second Twice. The first time it was in a coloring competition with the Seminole County Water foundation. You used highlighters in stead of crayons. You took the different route (visually speaking). You got a 40$ gift certificate to toys R Us. You bought game gears Evander Holyfield boxing game. The game. The game gear. The blue game gear. The black game gear. tWAs quite bad… it was really technical the gloves were floating you couldn't see your arms. It was in first person perspective. When you got punched you really felt it. It rattled you. You don’t want your energy levels to go any lower. If they do you’ll have to rapidly press the buttons to get the character UP. You could design your own characters. I'd always make the characters have the most crazy dark skin. You could make the character have dark dark dark purple skin. The game was hard. I only played it cause It was new & wanted to beat it. I think I like Mike Tyson's Punch–Out so much I wanted to repeat the experience. How was the game gear even mine ? Everyone wanted to play it. I remember getting Mortal Kombat (original), it was such a watered down version (verses the Arcade Version). I never thought of bringing it to school. It would EAT batteries. Kodak™ Batteries for days. It had this cool case I remember plus we got the wall charger for it too. Just playing it all day. All the time was invested in it. How to make your work important ? Ugly thought. Just surround yourself with good people. Keep it important.

Plot18 – Scene#18
It's a skatepark.
Oh, it's just a farm.
    PK npp.

Plot19 – Scene#19
Small little haus in the backyard of a house. It's hand made. It looks old. It looks like it's for kidz. It has a basketball hoop leaning on top of it. It has 2 windows. Who knows what the house in the front looks like. Don't steal Stylez. She was all in the air on her final flight. A final Fantasy. After the second time you don't succeed you can dust it off & you may try again. Writing. Dirty. Head nod — a — head — up. Going iffy into the distance. Driving. Driving with a cellular phone. Shake it Shake it. All in the mood 2 time. In a low gear eating low. Thinking low. 2L. 2K shot !  A grand finale ! (GO 4 it you any gots non thang 2 loose U Loser - (grammer (grammar) issues that were placed on purpose 2 purpose an option for an idea).  It's all just 1 big practice. Cellphone calls are super TOY. 

Plot20 – Scene#20
Stuff it down.
Bring it UP in Bejing.
No Fingers.
No Paintings.
Flower Squad - Tendong 2 thur craft.
Oh hair what is been written.
It's a live journal. Flips in the air. At least you can do that. Klaim your Park Kultura. Aggravated Aggro Crag. Bit you have Guts. Real Insides. Veins pumping pumping fluid up & down. Are you feeding your body correctly ? No just what's around. Around & Around. Talk it out. No We'd rather walk it out. Nostrils. Green Tea. Fennel Seed Pasta. DeBranded Ole Spice. Cabinetry. Chabaata Bread. Real Large Muffins. Product Placements. Marketing. Telemarketing is Back now it's SPAM. Did SPAM get mad it's called SPAM ? It's a spread. A spread of consciousness letting the spell check control the next word in the sentence. It's like this now it's like that & that's the way it is. izzy. I wonder how he is. No Dad 1:2 Dad - All Mom. Seattle. Fresh. UnFresh. 2 Young 2 Tell. 2 OLD 2 even care. The day was given. You took it with pride. You did all this great stuff (more over just running around) A long run to really think things over. Come back 2 reality super re-refreshed. : 0 ) All new all things rushing through your mind. You carry your past in your mind. Your a walking portable hard-drive. You can access all the files/memories whenever you wants. Some files/memories maybe a little obsolete & not fully compatible with the latest operating system you are running. Running ! You can go back. It's all in your frame of mind. You can. Your face is shaped & molded through this set of memories or filing system. Drawers of Sorts - Filing Cabinets. You can just pull them out.          Observe the images :0)

Plot21 – Scene#21
Where are we ?
Water on Both Sides.
Gouge (decease(d).
An exciting research resource.
No just thing as good or bad —— it's just energy (92.60 FM).

Plot22 – Scene#22
:0) = A Stopping Point
:0) = A Clown
:0) = A I'm not MADD symbol
:0) = All good #powerUP

Plot23 – Scene#23
When you live like this.
When you love like this.
Take it - Hand or back 4Runner. What 4 ?
Giver as in the one who gives things to others don't take it. Control your own roads. Navigate around. Things will drop. Things will pick up. It's like a garage that has A whole railroad town all inside it. When we watch your house we will find out how to operate the whole town. The engine comes to town & drops off the passengers at these specific times. Super pro. Super prolific. The energy runs through your body. It Stopped (the dogs barking). Bark from a tree. That line was dumb. Stupid. I remember the printer from the house sit (as in the house that was being sat). It was a digital vinyl printer. It could print these huge banners. So long & tight. It can express the latest victory. The banner can brag. The lights can get turned off. BFG. Out of Lights. It's a dinero issue. Do something. Leave something. IG hotel seen it dare. The beat is like a movie. Hear comes the wave. Catch it. Or you can just catch the next. Bleed. Not Both. Double sided. What you did ? What you do ? Trick. Grind Bubble Muscle. 40 Years. No Shudder. No Stufferz. Grass cut low. The Night (things move). Far Case. Absent. Rent. NO BAck UP. Promise I'll GO being treal. No inbetween. You have seen itt. Here > Oh, Thanks !

Plot24 – Scene#24
Real Active ! Still Alive !
Dallas - In the Living Room.
Dishes flying through the AIR #check
Scouting. Movie Sally. Hi. Guns. Rays. With my Brother. Butter. Make a Living. Pwrple. Eat. Lemon. Pie. County. Area Codes. Skert. We did it together. Phone Cherps (Jumps). Slooooooow. It takes us a while to learn. New Beat. 5 ways to cycle through. We worked hard on that. See it ? Oh, no who cares ? ! You made it & it sat. It's better than just staying put listening 2 everyone else's ideas. Live Journal ! :0) #wegotspirit #peach

Plot25 – Scene#25
Don't FOLD in 1/2.

2 Kids on Razor Scooters going over a bridge ! #tannerfoxfans
Head out the window. Make it easy. Q.

Plot26 – Scene#26

Plot27 – Scene#27
Paint in a Ball.
Richard Mille (watches).
A Soft Place.

Plot28 – Scene#28
No Crybabies...

Plot29 – Scene#29
9 Tech StartUps.

Plot30 – Scene#30

Plot31 – Scene#31
Believe in you !