these are some female snowboards for europe. could be cool if they went down. the last one isn't that good. it was 3am i kinda ran outta steam. my excuse. blogger uploaded it all small so i had to drop it on my server. klaimco is like a rollercoaster.

*dumpster funk "who dat who dat whoooo" -tj money
**the other thing is from the paper. pretty funny.

I finally got a copy of "Empty" magazine from Design is Kinky (designiskinky.com), I was really fortunate to get a feature in this issue. The photo I have on display doesn't give any justice to how on-point the reproduction of my work looks in the mag. The rest of the mag is pretty dope too, dope features on artist Tara McPherson and Ian Francis. High quality pages, diff worth a cop, sample designiskinky.com in the store section to get a copy

The Dark Tower Part II
The Drawing of the Three

Graphite on paper

Painting coming not very soon

yo again,

just a process shot of this "Mash It Up" DF jacket i was working on this morning.

*dumpster funk flee the scene.


good to see things jumping around. just some photos from my latest roll. *bagger that middle one is for you man.

have a good weekend friends,
*dumpster funk cheetos.

Ben, check this rail-cart...it's at the antique store.

Also you may check this...

Thats dope to see the blog get'n lit up again! (hands clapping) my net is down on the home front so I gotta make this brief til I get it up and running, dope projects guys! Wow Sid, that piece it dope! I gotta see it live and upfront! The background looks insane! You done did a "SourcE" portrait. Dope dope I'll get ya all
I have no idea why only about half the color is showing, the j-pag doesn't look like that. alot od epth and emphasis is lost here. Oh well. You'll have to see it in person I suppose.


Here is the first of my series of 7 large paintings based on The Dark Tower. I worked on it so much after work and fought with my directions on it that I am kind of indifferent about it. I think I like it more everyday since I let it go. A def. learning experience. Interent doesn't do it much flattery either. The Doc was extremely happy which makes it all worth it. Pretty hot drawing coming soon for the second piece, hopefully the painting will be what I hope it to be.