some DF stuff i've been working on. some process shots. how was the weekend?

*dumpster funk shut it down.

i found this small piece of wood at this construction site on my way home from work. then i came home and started painting it. then i started drawing on it. its a diver. i think i am going to give it to ryan for his birthday. he'll like the colors.

*dumpster funk knuckleball.
**snowboarding in may?

OkoOkOk...here is a snipet of some stuff I'm working on with this skateboard company "TRILOGY" out in Chicago, more skinny to post but enjoy the now, and yes cabege please do take flicks of the show, I like see! is anyone else doing projucts, this blog needs a re-up on producto
-Bags back soon
...and on the East Coast.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I'm honored to be in two shows in Cali this month: very gitty bout them. This is the first time my work will be displayed out West. Be sure to sample this link to view some samples of one of the shows:

-Bags, I'll be in touch with ya'll soon

Artists in Shawn Barber's curated show include: Michael Hussar, Kent Williams, Sean Cheetham, Kevin Lewellyn, George Pratt, Mercedes Helnwein, Sterling Hundley, Kristi Ropeleski, James Kei, Jennifer Poon and Dennis Brown.

Michael Hussar

Kent Williams

Sean Cheetham

Kevin Llewellyn

Mercedes Helnwein

Sterling Hundley

George Pratt

Kristi Ropeleski

James Kei

Jennifer Poon

Dennis Brown

Shawn Barber

The opening for Shawn Barber's curated show 'Beyond Representation' is on Saturday, April 29th-
Scion Dashboard
Hayes Market
580 Hayes Street (cross is Laguna)
San Francisco, CA

doug your pack is in the mail. it should be in the house soon. these are some highlights of the sticker pack. hopefully everyone is doing well and even with a frown face is doing alright.

*dumpster funk wesley snipes.
Quick line r'ght quick, just browse'n around and ran into Tomer Hanuka page, love the dudes work, much respect for what he does, but i couldn't help but notice the layout of his website, http://www.thanuka.com/index.htm, i thought it was kinda funny how familar it looked, it wasn't lyke that a month ago, and it looks really dope but i just thought it was kinda interesting how familar it looked
What is good folks, Bags back brown bag'n it, just drop'n a quick line ta say I'm still run'n around, Ben I got your messages, sorry bout the reply tip I've been doing trips to Sarasota to see whats the skinny on the job tip, results: no skinny on the job tip, so pretty much there has been a waste of alot time and alot of plotting, but yeah Ben I will pass you the dog drawings by today and problee drop a ringer too but yo I'll post more skinny lata today with some highlights
hey again,

this is just a process shot of a new DF sweater for our summer/fall 06 line. WATCH OUT! just a lil' sneak peak/process shot. (the stripes are actual not that bold at all its just a really bad photo)

*dumpster funk indefinite interval of time.
**post up klaimcos.

hey yall,

i just did these pillow joints. just messin around with my new machine. i was just testing the different types of stitches. and then i was like hey i can make this into something. so i just whipped it up right quick. nothing special.

holler at your dog (white as possible),
*dumpstre fukn brownie mix.


This is a piece I did for work yesterday. Pretty fun, actually referencing some of Senor Jeans line quality. Trying to take the Gunslinger over the top. It might get there. I like it alot. Second piece starts soon.

S.I. Patron of the Patron' {liqour}

hey you guys. this is a sketch of a painting that sarah is doing. i think most of you have seen her site--> http://www.sarahlabieniec.com/

*dumpster funk round get down.
**what are you guys up to? poof the fun disapeared.