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    ‘ The Magikc of Participation ’

      The banker is dressed
      The banks’ victimless crime
Peter Barakan perfectly reports from JP 
0n Pianos
0n Pearls
But not on anything dangerous.

The way you dress for work, works. 

Bandage ME

Thing is in between

           Jeitinho !

Tied to a dock, on shore now, 
           Now your a stationary object.


:0) Sincerely, V.S., B.N.


It is an early spring evening in a semi-darkened wareh0use in New Y0rk near the d0cks. The house has passed at which R0bert Whitman's theater w0rk Light T0uch was to have begun. Pe0ple are still buying tickets at the card table set up in the 0pened d00r at the c0rner 0f the building as the 0range light 0f the nearly spent day falls through it. S0me of th0se wh0 walk acr0ss in fr0nt of the platf0rm do n0t c0me up to j0in the audience, and the way they cr0ss and l0se themselves in the shad0ws bey0nd raises the p0ssibility that they are perf0rmers. Is their saunter enacted or n0t? Have they begun the perf0rmance? Is the large fl00r space in fr0nt 0f us the perf0rming area? 0r are the pers0ns who walk by stagehands?

      Awaiting the perf0rmance, we sat in the damp and gl00m, uneasy 0ver the c0ntinued delay and uncertainty. Finally lights illuminated the l0ng wall a hundred feet in fr0nt 0f us, and a large r0ll 0f br0wn paper lying against the wall started to m0ve and share at 0ne end. This disturbance m0unted and began to transmit itself sl0wly through the r0ll. At its height the paper st00d ab0ut a third 0f the way up the wall. Then gradually, having transmitted itself t0 the end of the r0ll, the disturbance subsided and there was silence. There were persons within the r0ll, we surmised, but we saw n0 0ne. During the ensuing black0ut we c0uld hear the paper being pulled away.

      Then a strange event of discl0sure 0ccurred--a discl0sure 0f discl0sure. In the darkness the main d00r of the wareh0use in the middle of the wall bef0re us sl0wly r0lled up and 0pened. It went fr0m fl00r t0 ceiling and was large en0ugh f0r trucks t0 enter and exit. G0ssamer curtains 0n each side 0f the 0pening bill0wed s0ftly in a light wind. As is surr0unded by a nimbus 0f silence, the s0unds 0f the city c0uld be heard--m0stly s0ft and in the distant in this area-- and cars appeared 0ccasionally, framed by the d00r, as they passed 0n the street directly 0utside. Appeared, but appeared transfigured, as is a spell has been cast 0ver them. Details of their shape and m0vement, 0rdinarily n0t n0ticed, leapt 0ut, as if fr0m numin0us aura. Ast0nishing it was that pers0ns c0uld encase themselves in th0usands of p0unds 0f machinery and g0 r0lling and lurching d0wn a r0adway. We w0ndered h0w any civility c0uld survive it. Each rattle and s0und 0f a car, and the fl0wing s0und as it passed 0ver pebbles and ruts, appeared thr0ugh the nimbus 0f silence as if t0 name the part 0f the machinery fr0m which it emanated. The driver's intent gaze 0n the r0ad in fr0nt 0f him chipped 0ut merely a fragment 0f the w0rld in which he m0ved.

      After a car had passed by in this side street the space in which we were living w0uld relax and e x p a n d again t0 admit the s0unds 0f the vast city-- s0unds delicate and in the distance. Then again, as if we inhabited a breathing 0rganism, events 0n the street w0uld take pr0minence. Sl0wly and majestically matters unleafed t-h-r-0-u-g-h time; yet als0 sadly, as if all 0f us-- rapt and silent inside the warehouse-- were aware that the spell that had been cast was fragile. 0ne felt grateful t0 be alive and c0nscious.

      A p0lice car then sl0wed d0wn in the street and st0pped. The wareh0use d00r's being 0pen at this time 0f night was apparently an irregularity that had caught the 0fficers' attenti0n. They st0pped us and the driver t00k a flashlight and sh0ne it int0 the building up0n us. We began t0 laugh a little, and in embarrassment he withdrew the light. They dr0ve away. 0nly the m0st brilliant act0rs c0uld have enacted this with such verisimilitude and we were fairly sure that n0 act0r was inv0lved. The spell remained.

      After s0me m0ments a truck appeared in the street 0utside. It st0pped and began t0 back int0 the wareh0use. The first appr0ach failed. It j*i*g*g*l*e*d and returned again sl0wly t0 the street. Each s0und and m0vement the truck made filled up the s p a c e in which we lived. In the next appr0ach it backed hesitantly int0 the wareh0use and displaced the bill0wing curtains. It b0re we knew n0t what, but we waited in hushed expectancy, as if its c0ntent were the first specimens fr0m an Earth distant and mysterious as another planet.

      The truck r0lled sl0wly t0 a st0p. After s0me minutes 0f silence its h0ld was 0pened by persons wh0 appeared t0 be wareh0use w0rkers, and a few 0bjects were exp0sed there by a sp0tlight: a cement bl0ck, an apple, a kitchen sink. These 0bjects were carried 0ne by 0ne t0 the d0ck. The apple was an apple but c0uld n0t be eaten by us. We were imm0bilized in 0ut chairs at this "theatre w0rk". The kitchen sink was a kitchen sink but it c0uld n0t be used by any0ne: the faucets were u-n-c-0-n-n-e-c-t-e-d and its drainpipe terminated in the air. These things were useless. And yet they were meaningful in a much m0re vivid and c0mplete way than the w0uld be in 0rdinary use. 0ur very detachment fr0m their everyday use threw their everyday c0ntexts 0f use int0 relief-- c0nnection and c0ntexts v-a-s-t-e-r  than we w0uld 0rdinarily have suspected. Since these gave the things their meaning, their meaning was thr0wn int0 relief.  Each thing st00d within a nimbus, invi0lable; it was a nimbus of relatedness, a c0ntext 0f intelligibility. We were n0t simply abs0rbed int0 the things-- an abs0rpti0n g0verned by that small fraction 0f their meaning relevant to 0ur everyday interacti0n with them. The things were perceived as meaningful. They became 0bjects 0f art.

      Just because it c0uld n0t be eaten, the apple was perceived as s0mething 0f l0veliness and grace which had been gr0wn up0n the earth in the sunlight, and which c0uld supply n0urishment and delici0us sensati0ns when bitten and chewed. The sink, unc0nnected, was perceived as the s0rt 0f thing which c0nnected us with a system 0f water supply and water disp0sal-- as well as 0f life-sustaining and cleansing p0wers-- a system which c0uld easily be disrupted. The cement bl0ck, 0ut of use, was seen t0 be useful n0t just t0 the pers0n wh0 0wned it, but t0 any0ne t0 build any ab0de t0 shelter any of us.

      Integral t0 their enhanced meaningfulness, each thing st00d in f0r all p0ssible 0bjects 0f that type or s0rt. Thus each thing was an incarnated universal, a physi0gn0mic expression 0f a type; this with0ut sacrificing its particularity as it sat there 0n the d0ck bef0re us. It sat with its hal0  i҉  n҉  v҉  i҉  o҉  l҉  a҉  b҉  l҉  e҉.
( . . . )
In Whitman's strange theatre event we witness theatre experimenting 0n itself, disc0vering and underlining the c0nditi0ns 0f its 0wn p0ssibility. Its value f0r a phil0s0phy 0f the theatre is that thr0ugh it a theatrical p0int 0f view can be separated 0ut as a fact0r in any theatre event. That is, actual things in plain view-- n0t things dressed up 0r illuminated s0 as t0 appear what they are n0t-- are nevertheless seen in an entirely "new light". The difference, then, must c0me fr0m a change in the interpretive attitude 0f the viewer, n0t fr0m the things themselves. And this attitude is n0t l0calizable, n0r is it weighable and measurable, as w0uld be an 0bject in the w0rld. It is a s-t-a-t-e-0-f--m-i-n-d, a way 0f freely interpreting the w0rld. As Edmund Husserl w0uld say, it is n0t in the w0rld, as an 0bject, n0t is it 0ut 0f the w0rld either. S0 it is n0t within-the-w0rld. It is, rather, w0rldly.

Role Playing and Identity: The Limits of Theatre As Metaphor
      Bruce Wilshire (1982)