dear klaimers,

hey, i got an opportunity for all of you. ok here is the deal: my friend alexa in san diego is curating this show. (please visit ) and click on art. thats the space. she asked me if i knew of anybody good that would be down. i showed her ya'll websites. so she was like get all these kids mailing addresses so i can mail them information on the show. so email me your mailing addresses and you will get information about the show if your intrested. (it seems offical. 2,500 people were at the last show). i don't know all the gritty details (except the show is march 26th and its a nice spot you could sell your stuff) but i will keep you guys posted. hit me up at

taller than your boy,
*dumpster funk jump shooters.
**i wish we had klaimco merch ready for this show i could probably get us a booth. i want to get a dumpster funk booth in the near future. (the show is seasonal).
***oh bagger i think this would be a dope spot to sell that deck. holler.

^"KILLA KLAIM" a new page in my sketchbook. its kinda for fellow member bar-easy. enjoy!