i tried to post this ish last night and blogger was being bunk. its like a ghost town around these parts as of late. ok, i went to a melissa herrington show in town. things were going for around 5 G's a pop. her show sold out. she lived in tampa all her life now she lives in LA. yeah i got her contact. yeah she is wifey material. uh-oh.

*dumpster funk sister act.
**is everyone taking a nap? a little african sleeping sickness? wake up. lazyness is not tolerated (your wrist just got slapped by a ruler).
***BOXXOB REBBER. doug i am mailing you a box. watch out in april.
****lets get a KLAIMCO birthday party up on this (whispering: its SI's birthday on saturday).

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  1. that's cool, i've seen some of her stuff before but forgot her name. that one donkey-head piece though has me kind of riled up right now - she's totally biting ryan mcginness! (r maybe he's biting her, i don't know who did it first) but he's used that exact character icon of a person in that position pointing with donkey head in a lot of his prints. i could scan in an example from one of his books i got, but i'm too lazy. weird though, i wonder what the deal is. they're both really talented people and working in similar art markets so it seems odd they would blatanlty steal from one another.

    - d
    *dumpster funk serious talk