Thats dope to see the blog get'n lit up again! (hands clapping) my net is down on the home front so I gotta make this brief til I get it up and running, dope projects guys! Wow Sid, that piece it dope! I gotta see it live and upfront! The background looks insane! You done did a "SourcE" portrait. Dope dope I'll get ya all


  1. 43,

    is that fabulous? it would be better if it was. its on point. did you use the tablet? or is it your imfamous brush pen technique.

    *dumpster funk speedweld.
    **i got some film to scan in. if i have any good ones i'll post em up later tonight. until then peace brothers.

  2. Inspiring Scribbs mon frere. I will always be a fan of your Indian Negro Ink. I've got a hot drawing joint coming soon as well.

    Thanks for the claps on Gunslinger. I'll post the true colors on my website soon. It hurts to look at it on the blog right now.

  3. glad you guys dig, yup strictly Brush pen, with a lil adobe touch up