Dam the man, whats good klaimers, shht! Yup back in the dam hot ass SA Town. I must say despite the heat its kinda nice to be back and hang'n with the fam. I just seen my sis grad, geez, talk about feel old. I got a girlfriend out here so if you don't hear from bags in a min you know skinny, that or on the grind, yes the dam grind! I'm amp'd projects projects projects like "Marcey son an't nutt'n nice!"- Jay-Z ...the drive was alright, got to jamout to alot of tunes and such which was cool. but yeah back to the skinny: - I'm working on a series of 3 silkscreen posters - Working on a new munny for uberbot munny show 2 - Digital 3 if printing up some shirts for me so yes I will send ya'll some - 2 paints in the works I'll share progress soon - working on filling up my sketchbook for the summer - re-up'n my photography game, dust'n off my 35mm and get'n bizzy - I'm gonna see if I can do up a "Bloc Party" poster for the concert out in Austin in Aug, try atleast - Ben I'm gonna jump on that deck - Build Klaimco one penny at a time, starting with some handmade zines and buttons - waiting to hear the new new jak pregresso!!! - and get darker by the minute, the heat is not a joke out here
-I went to te zoo yesterday, here are some highlights:
well alright klaimers, stay grind'n and support the cause whatever that is