Hello Klaimers A bags post is due, first off congrands to SI and his wifey to be, thats grand man, I'll be taking notes from you guys like maybe 6 years down the line haha...grant'd I find a wifey type. Second off my girl dip'd to Ringling for the fall, sad face I know, but we're still holding it down and with that said I'll be in Sota time to time. The production tip on this end should step up now considering I'll be spending more time inside the crib grind'n and such haha. I've been amp'd to paint latley. My girl went chicago for a week with her family, but before she dip'd asked me to hook up her old skateboard while she was gone. She's a fan of Zombies so she was like "paint a zombie" haha...Never really drew a zombie before so it was interesting hooking it up, it took about 2-3 days, it was fun...kinda odd cause it was out the box of my normal content of imagery but it was good training. She loved it too so that was brownie points on my end! haha Now that thats done I'm working on Ben's and 43s deck, so I should be done with that by weeks ends. paint paint paint paint! I'm on it! I'm on it! I've also been taking bizness notes as of recently and plan on taking some free bizness classes, so I am serious bout this Klaimco thing, give me some time to work out a bizness plan and all the techy stuff and we should have somthing rolling by next year Bags is so serious !!! Yes yes! What else is good? Umm...thats all for now I gotta go make a run so I'll stop for now, stay healthy in the meantime Klaimers