Ajos all, hope all is marvelous! I'm in the process of putting together another book. Nope, not GutsonPaper 2...(which I might make into a mini-zine or somth'n, dunno)...but an actual full color artbook...I was running through all my stuff and mapping out all my new stuff and I feel as if i got enough to actually do one. I might pull some of my highlights from my portfolio and even some of the nicer drawings out of GOP 1 and splash color on them ishes and hopefully by the end of the year I'll haves something to share with all you kind people. I'm excited...a book a year?! we'll see.

Here's a sample of a series I'm working on, my never ending fascination with constructing images outer-worldly keeps leaking out of my system...so i figure its only r'ght I let it. Its a challenge too, people are always gonna be there to draw from and such, but to depict beings out of the void with no refference will always win me over. Here's 1 piece along those lines....more to come, I will keep you updated Ben: I'm in the process of getting those flicks, the kat who got them them is slack'n. Pass me your address one more time, I had to tweak the Charlie, I had to hem the zipper on his coat to make sure the zipper will function on the long term tip...and I just remember about the Blacktop connect, I'll get on that first thing

Klaimco meets the public in 2007

PS: MB is slack'n on feedback...eyes are looking at plan B...hmm
: Where is AZ?