dang, late night at the office. road home in the cold rain. haaaaaah, i beat a cold this weekend. crappy cold going around. heres some custom work ish for motocross (david smiths hat is better). these are sample rounds. things are kinda coming along. hmmm what else, oh this is a new wall this weekend by DT and his girl. those colors! sidenote: 43 if your going to be in ATL around new year that wall is going to get laced. holler. what else is grand?

*dumpster funk yessssssss.
**DS made this ring flash thing at work today. i was dribbling my ball around the office. makes for a great prop? i went to hansome boy modeling school. thanks automator. (i have 5 pubes. i look 14. come on let me in the bar.)
***website reup is almost to launch status.