ajo (bagger lingo), so here is my normal routine update. went outta town this weekend it all worked out pretty well. D$ found this volvo fanatic on craigslist named tom. the trade was to give D$ an engine (and install) for this 1970 140 volvo then give tom his current 1981 240 volvo. i went off on my bike and took some photos. got my freight train on. pretty fun...

stay grand,
*dumpster funk windsurfing team.
**they worked from 8am-6am on this engine swap >THE PRO-CESS<

shine shine hush hush ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
this mural is raw ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^renk sfr heading west @ 60 miles an hour ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
don't front on front street^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
don't fake: them boyz at war ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
don't swim if you don't know how ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sparkle motion ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
logo check ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
goofy drawings: then put in my pocket ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i like volvos^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
dont play (act tuff with a burrito in your pocket) ^^^^^^^^^^^^