clams (that means your being to quite),

ayo, so these are some newer photos. updates twice a week? shitttt blog attack with the rapid fire super soaker...wetting up all hoes.

no libary,
*dumpster funk 49ers.

^bday at the corpo

^DF in the museum of design? (thanks for the photo dee your on the redskins)

^twizzle killer clown from outer space git up. get dumb.

^kk knitted the illest scarf. my roomate sponsers this lil' dude wundimi.

^the ill cake. check out the DF bmx bike ahhhhh. thanks SB your creative.

^meadowln 2.0: on its way over to beat zelda (on the allnighter tip)

^DS gave me this print as a present. thanks man!

thats the run up run down. stay good. wake up and listen to your alarm!