clams (that means your being to quite),

ayo, so these are some newer photos. updates twice a week? shitttt blog attack with the rapid fire super soaker...wetting up all hoes.

no libary,
*dumpster funk 49ers.

^bday at the corpo

^DF in the museum of design? (thanks for the photo dee your on the redskins)

^twizzle killer clown from outer space git up. get dumb.

^kk knitted the illest scarf. my roomate sponsers this lil' dude wundimi.

^the ill cake. check out the DF bmx bike ahhhhh. thanks SB your creative.

^meadowln 2.0: on its way over to beat zelda (on the allnighter tip)

^DS gave me this print as a present. thanks man!

thats the run up run down. stay good. wake up and listen to your alarm!


  1. The bike on the cake is dope, your an old guy, like you know nxt year your gonna be 25 my friend, thats like 5 years til 30 daaaaaam, let me stop talk'n, I'll be in the 24 club in Feb.

    mighty nice post I'll post again real soon
    -the bags boxer

  2. i'll be in the 24 club next october...DAAAAARSHHHHHHH!!!!!

  3. p.s.: i've always wanted to be on the redskins. thanks for making this dream come true.