hey, its december the month of giving. holiday time. i've been mailing out packs this week...

*dumpster funk reversible folk.
**lookout lighthouse.


  1. whoa, benjamin, these are really cool. i like the doug hoffman one knocked out of all of the collaged crap in there. also, i noticed that alligator & boat drawing under that paper plate - from that stupid '80's animation on my site. how do you have that? and why?

    - d
    *dumpster funk johnny five

  2. awesome as always. :) The manila envelope is especially pretty. Are those highlighters? And where did you get the peeps this time of year??? I have a serious addiction to those...


  3. hey,

    "how do you have that? and why?"
    ^its funny i found it cleaning. i was like weird. i gotta add this somewhere.

    sarah... yep those are highlighters. i've loved them since i won the willy water contest in 3rd grade i used highlighters while everyone else was rocking crayons. i got 1st in the county and got a 50$ gift certificate to toys r us. i bought this evander holyfield game for game gear. no lie. and the peeps are always a must.

    *dumpster funk johnny six.