don't klaim,

hey, hows it going? we got that fire at the campsite cooking that jungle stew (hold your horses), but to keep you occupied...some new camera phone jawns.

*dumpster funk fence jumping team.
**for the love of god turn off your anime.
***bagsy get well. fevers aren't cool. soup/rest/repeat

who has the retarded writing in the weeee hours? holler.

^'peace' my ex-roomate moved to florida this weekend on a job transfer. hello sunshine.


  1. twiz,

    these are cool. you gotta show me how you get the pics off your camera with bluetooth when we reunite in the ATL - i can't figure it out on my phone, and i gots like tons a naked shawties on there, if ya kna i'm sayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin...

    - d

  2. d,

    true yeah its pretty easy. you just go to connection (where you would connect to the net) then the phone will search for a connection. my home computer comes up 'twizzle' then select the image and hit 'send'. and on your computer 'accept' the image... then blam you have 40 year old naked shawties on your desktop. go SI.

    be nice,
    *dumpster funk cyan magenta no yellow.
    **i have a computer question in trade. its an easy one. it'll be via email in a sec...