Peep Game
Alright so I was link hop'n on myspace found out that these two shirts i designed awhile back are up online and I guess for sale?! It must of just went up recently cause no one really told me haha...funny but it could be cause its not ready to order cause I can't find the price anywhere for the shirts. Originally the company was called "Surface" but had to change the name to "modus" due to legalish. I should be getting a batch from these guys sometime. Well anyways here's the flics I found online.
screen cap of shirtsuh..dunno this guy, i know the kid on the shirt though
I drew the plane right side up , but one of the guys at the company suggested to flip it upside down, at first I was like "..ok" but then he drop'd this concept about mimic'n this stamp that got famous due to a misprint of an old plane upside down. after i looked up the stamp i was like "oh, cool cool" (see stamp image below) famous stampshirts and shirtslinks to sites: