Mr. and Mrs. SI here,
Wanted to say "sup" to er-body, Weddings are grand, especially if their yours, and E-40's on.

This is a quick tip, Check Out my companies site designed by Jason Murph-dawg.

I'd make it a link if I knew how. Oh, and I finally have dark tower III flics soon, I don't slack.

Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live


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  1. SI,

    whoa, tell JM i said good work kitgo. whats up with the idaho club project? i think i see a connection? weird. your company looks like a fun place. may i nap on your leather couch while you retouch the shawties? anyhoot glad your posting. congrads again SI. now you got the ill ice on your hand ('haaaaaah' ying yang in this thangggg) i wanna see dark tower III!

    *dumpster funk everything you'll ever need...