pro·cras'ti·na'tion n.
is a really evil drug
Aside from that, Happy New Year!!! 2007 is the year of moves and such! Congrads to Sid and Romana, wish I was there to say cheers! Mighty grand moves, a big step the whole crew is take'n notes on haha. Word to that.

Well its about mid Jan, I'm tryna wrap up a few things this month, my girl is visting until monday so I've been hang'n out with her when not on the grind. I got a major painting project coming up that will pretty much be me meal ticket out of San Antonio finally. Cali is an option I'm eye'n hard, like I'm amp'd to rock an SF fitted haha...If all is well I'll be out the house mid Feb, and on top of that I'll be the big 24 come Feb 17th, old it is .

Here's a pic of some goods I racked this past Christmas, I didn't really expect much but surprise surprise, I'm greatful =D

Here's a sampler for the GOP 2 book in the works, I was look'n through all my drawings and figured why notwell thats the skinny for now, Ben your up. Stay grand people