+++Short and sweet+++
Here's the first piece out the bags lab for the 2007! The paints are kind to me as of recent, took like a week and a half or so to knock-out. Acrylic/oils on 12x16 canvas. Fun stuff, I'm amp'd to get on some more paintings. As of now til late Feb., I'm booked on a major commission, with that said a few projects I had planned to wrap up this month has now been placed on hold. Come late Feb. Its on!
Thelonious and the children of Ego


  1. bags,

    this is some next level type of stuff right here! your talented! keep at it! hands are clapping (again). good catching up on the telephoto. keep sanding...

    *dumpster funk fly swatter.
    **i won't question you updating again after that whopper.


  2. Hey bagger!

    This is amazing! Im still waiting for your robot book to be published!

    :) Giselle

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys!

    Giselle: That robot book will be published one day!