Mr. Cabege drop'd me a line back in Dec informing me how his roommate was looking for someone to do a painting for him. I was like I'ght, and he passed my connect and the link was made. Long story short-his roommate wanted a 4x5 ft painting of a romanticized/conanish version of himself, standing behind a dead lion he just battled, a hot brunette at his side, and somehow include a bull and bear fighting (via: wall streetish). Sign me up! The time line was pretty much a month, he wanted to have this painting for his birthday party which is today. His birthday is actually Feb 18 but he wanted the party to be on on a Sat, but ironic enough, today is "my" birthday haha...funny.
So yeah after running through the description, the imagery developed pretty fast in my mind and I took it to paper. After two sketch roughs and a down payment, the project took off (around Late Jan). After say about two weeks on the grind, I knocked it out and sent it off. All in all it was pretty intense/challenging/interesting. I never did an oil painting at that scale and cause of this project I'm amp'd to do more around that scale. It me made discover some of my technical flaws I need to work on, help gage how fast i can paint certain things, and how much ground I can cover with certain tools. Fun stuff!!! So now its done, here the flics.

the piece, 4x5ftthe sketchthe detailsthe piece again right before I rolled it up and sent it out, (notice the pencil size)
alright there you have it haha...I'm gonna go celebrate my birthday pretty chill this year, problee draw some and paint, go out to eat, and jam out on mini golf...enjoy the weekend folks and I'll get with ya'll soon
-bags rocks 24 like Kobe Bryant-