Almost out in SF, I have a painting to finish this weekend then I'm hitting the road. I think its gonna be a few days drive. Interesting times...

While I was in Florida, I got to stay with a friend of mine Jason Bennett. He graduated from Ringling a year before us as a CA and a job out of school as a Concept Artist for EA but recently got a concept job in the NY. I was fortunate enough to trade him these two oil studies, if you get the chance checkout his site and look up his self-portrait rock'n a beard, freak'n amazing!

I got them framed out here in SA at this really dope frame shop. I think the frame compliments the pieces pretty damn swell. Anyways, figured I'd share in hopes more folks out there will pick up a paint brush and do some paintings, I wanna get my fellow-artist collection game up dammit!

See you in the Bay

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  1. b g r 3,

    nice frames. nice jaws. yo, what happened to that yellow thing you posted on saturday? its gone now. it had some sorta quote in the middle? forgot to tell you. dust pusher and ripped the bikes to white walls on saturday. last day of the sonik 3000 show. it was cool to see cause i've been a fan of his since the high school days and never seen it in person. *flicks soon. i think they were hanging that dudes work you like... i forget his name but he does those realistic city urban paintings sorta loose blurry style? and i think shaw bizzy has a show thur this saturday too. this is getting novel like. 16 year old girls on the cordless smacking gum and saying "like" ever other word. worldy...

    *dumpster funk department of affairs.