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  1. sin-cab,

    dissssed. ouch. how'd they cop those?

    *dumpster funk soda popinski.

  2. mike, have you been working out?

    i miss you, like the deserts miss the rain...

    - d
    *dumpster funk race to 160

  3. So.... just as an example of how small the world is... One of my roommates just came home from being on tour promoting a video game at different conventions and colleges for the last month. He brought us all shirts from the game he was promoting which happened to be Graw. We also have Graw beer koozies btw.... This happened to be the project that Dennis was working on that delayed his work time on a commission from another roommate of mine. Now, Eric has a shirt (xxl tall tee) and a painting (xxl above bed style) from Dennis. I didn't really like the shirts so much, so i gave them to the duck and bunny.
    word up.
    cabbage patch kid
    (no relation to the nicotine patch kid)

  4. wow, that is pretty crazy, I was under the impression that Dee passed you(cabbage) the tees but
    I talked with Dee last night and he had no idea about this post and therefore we all were like "???" til your explanation, thanks hahaha....I agree bout the shirts, I would hand them to a Duck and Bunny aswell. Great post though!

    small world

  5. Ps. What do the Graw beer Koozies look like?