+++Live from NYC+++
Ajos Klaimco, Hope a'body's turkey day was grand.
Long time I know... allot going on. The transition has been and still is a crazy process. I'm finally getting a bit more settled and such. Still working up my crib but the day to day has been a bit more routine to say the least. Work is good, learning allot and the people/vibe of the job makes the days fly. NY in general is allot to take in, i'm still convinced the Bay is the place to be but we'll see how the ancient apple taste the more I dig in. One thing I will say, the NY will eat your pockets bad, I don't think I've ever spent so much cream in one place...vicious.
Life, a?
On to the long await'd imagery, hope this is a good one for ya'll
been stock'n up for this one haha
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Til the next post be easy