NY is so damn raw. Raw, like I count how many rats I see on a daily - pass the hand sanitizer please...
sorry of the lag of post, thanks Ben for holding it down. I'm make'n my way back home come Sat.. Should be good to see the fam and get back on the home cook meal tip. I'm getting internet at my pad once I get back so you can trust I'll be on the up and up with the post and ish...that '08 is on the corner.

'07 was fun, madd mobile, madd active, fun times
hope all is well with everyone, I'll try and post somth'n before years end, til then stay Jolly and keep your gloves on
-the bagger boi

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  1. bags, (rats). yo, nice post. good to see you back in the house. yeah i am dipping tomorrow for the home land. i'll give you a phone call soon. i saw some neat stuff on my way to work (uploading photos...). until then STAY GRAND 2007 (take out). box reb...

    *dumpster funk arthur ash.