Funny, I just moved out here and I'm already rep'n the NY..."get off meeh!"-James brown
Kinda on vacation on the post these days, apologeez, works been heavy, like not in a cool aid cool way, but whatever, I got flicks on standby so brace yourself . Below is some junk I've been meaning to finish up. Sid you may remember the painting below: a re-up on "Cinderella". Funny all the ladies are top heavy, sorry, I like them healthy. More story on that when its finish. Ps: the big floating thing is supose to be the god mother. Aside from that I mocked up this Oki-bum tee back in Nov, be looking around to find a good spot that can do this type of printing. I'm just gonna start off with one color way and see how it comes out. The bagger mascot-oki. Who wants dibs on a shirt?!?Odd still no snow in NY, scary yeah?