Nice to see the re-up on the post lately, bravo mates, bravo. Here's some flics to keep the pace.
Bay Ridge Brooklyn, corner of my block in the morn on my way to the worksteeMy dad's fixie from the 70's , he grew up in the Bronx during the high school days. Check the sew-up track tires. Classic.Charlie Harper, can we say gold, cop'd this at Strand awhile back, been meaning to post pics of the book, its so damn stella!* 424 pages, 19x13, diff can lift wieght lift with this junk, mega-dope, nuff said.a'go cabbage
Went to the Jonathan Levine Gallery a few weeks back to check out the Jonathan Viner show, heres a few highlights. Nice to see'em in person, good size pieces too. Shht, wait til I get my grind up haha
Meet the new addition to the bagger fam, just brought'em home today. Stay tuned for the makeover.