hey, this post got lost in the deep depths of my photo archive. i made this post around august of 2007. i shoot a bunch of photos daily. aboot' (canada) 1/4 of them get posted here. the rest might go in a coffee table book when i have white hair.

the first, photo is a great book that brendan lees friend sibl made. each page of the book is hand screened & about each letter of the alphabet. maybe br can elaborate or post more photos of the book?

the second, photo is some wall that sparked my eye. if you can find the location of it and repost a photography... i will personally fly to your location and buy you a brew of your choice (challenge).

the third, is a ruff night when i thought i was drugged at a party and slept walk out of the DF manor and woke up sleeping on the sidewalk a couple blocks over (sketchy). dee can elaborate.

last photo, is this good vietnamese sandwich/donut spot in san jose. shot out to the fiyah family/kids (br, ci, eli the conductor, and madera). i miss you guys...

*dumpster funk dripple.
*i usually don't shoot that much. a lucky reading day...