Sneak Peak for May "War and Peace" show

SI_plenty where that came from


  1. si,

    warlock, shame on thee! that piece is really great! timeless! explain your process SI...

    *dumpster funk x cross.

  2. Fellow Wizards,
    Thanks for the support tweez,
    I kind of set-up the look in my mind, then I worked with a great photographer to help me light and shoot it with a 30 meg camera. I use the photo as reference to paint the piece in Black and White acrylic. I try to paint every detail in this phase. Then I glaze oil on top to give it a unified color. Then go in with opaque oils to paint rust and color variations. This process works well for objects and metal's especially.

    Game Genie for you

  3. grandie! Amp'd to see that more sir....

    Game Genie, I always wanted one :\

  4. UHHHHHHNNN UHHHNNN NA-NA NA-NA!!! nice sidney, this look awesome. excited to see the works for this show as a whole.
    they said you could never top "el penga" - obviously they were wrong. and they were me. huh?

    game genie was a ripoff, don't ever use it.

    - d

  5. the metal looks like a good time. good work... btw, i always found that when blowing into the cartridges didn't work, i would just put the games on the game genie and bypass the codes, and it would make the games work fine. it was almost a dust filter before putting it into the system.... seriously though, what was the point of the moonwalk option on megaman 2?