+++I'm still around dammit+++
Long story short, been bizzy feeding the life draining rhino. That and I got a show coming up in Portland, fun times. Here's some random photos thats been lounge'n on the cam for a bit. enjoy the day.week.month.year.life.
ps. Dusty- thanks for the shirt, sending you one n trade
the last time it snowed on my block Not really the bay but yes, "Live from Bay Ridge" via bike ride down the block
Live from the metro (yara took these)
that pure dooo peLive from the AMNH
for the SI
for the cab
umm...you know who, my sis took thisLive from Toy'r'us 42st
Brook-lawn friendsteez
rep'n a liljust when you thought dinos was out, the 80's blast hardest!!!


  1. What is the bird feather helmet thing, Is isn't a painting is it? If it's a mask tell me more. Also whose landscapes are those?


  2. I didn't see the bird helm in person, Yara went there when she came to visit and saw it but apparently its a bird feather helmet, I'm thinking back before DC and Marvel there was such a thing as the "folk'n birdmen"

    the landscape are actually background paintings in some stuff animal display case at the AMNH, shame the paintings are supose to background pieces...fancy though...i dig