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"Sodium" 14x17, oil/acrylic/ink on bristol
Geez, A little late on the post a? haha yeah yeah...I got some excuses: The daily grind at the workstee, umm.....friends/family visiting from out of town, working on a group show (i'll get to that inna bit), uhh...what else, i guess just NY living in general. Fast paced, its odd to think I've lived here half a year already.
Anyways, to compensate for the delayed post, this post is gonna be a mega, with that said lets get to it:
I discovered the Compound gallery a few years back and have always wanted to have a show with them. I drop'd them a line a year ago and ended up working out a show. Originally I was aiming for a solo show, but this was back before I was working for the Rhino and as a freelancer. Since I landed my job, working on a full-on solo show wouldn't be really possible with the time i had left to work on the show. So I extend the show into a group one and invited fellow artist/friends: Edward Kinsella III, Vincent Hui. Both artist create really grand imagery with the use of traditional media. Which I felt is something we all share a joy in, so to have this collective show, I felt was only right. Below is a webfyler and site link. Also the piece above, "Sodium" will be in the show.
Compound Gallery/info
I gotta say working on a show and having a day is practically signing up for the "hermit club". Fun times.
Last weekend I attended the New York Comic Con. I only went for a day but it was cool. I was hanging out for the most part and looking for nerd items to invest my lunch money in. In the process I ran into Alberto Ruiz. Who I've been meaning to meet up with. I got to hang out in his booth for a bit chatting it up. He had for sale a compilation book called: "Eye Candy From Strangers". I had the privilege to create an image for one of the cover. I was pretty pleased with the turnout, the books came out pretty cool. Hes currently taking submissions for the next book as your reading this, so please please, creative or not go check out his blog and see whats going on over there! Alberto is good people, and enjoys meeting good people, so say "hey"-->more info

sample pages, moe samples on Alberto's site TRACE MAGAZINE
A few months back I got an invite from Trace magazine to do a small feature. The Issue is out now and here it is, If your interested in reading the articles/interview for free, you can go to their website and download a free PDF-->Here
Ok, so I'm gonna go back a bit, like last year back, haha. Right before I was gearing up to move to California Last Aprilish, I was contacted from the kind people at ImagineFX. I was extended an offer to do a month-to-month illustration for an editorial section in the mag. Being that I was about to make a move to SF with no job lined up, this opportunity practically saved me for the time I lived in SF. I'm forever grateful to IMFX, Thanks! So yeah, after I agreed to take on the gig, six issues later, here's the result. I know its late but I was waiting to get all the issues in so i can share these images:
issues 18-23
the images I've doneCouple of highlights out the bunch image above is for an article about book illustration
this image is about an article discussing artists that paint over photos and/or use photos in their pieces, btw I painted everything, except the obvious photo
I had to halt taking on anymore IMFX projects due to the major move from coast to coast, so I handed the job over to fellow artist Sean Chapman. Who at the time just moved to SF as I was leaving. I felt his work really fit with the job guidelines and knowing that Sean wanted to create imagery along these lines, the transaction work out really great for everybody. Check him out , hes still creating imagery for IMFX and also staying bizzy with other projects--> SEAN
All the designs i've worked on for t-shirts and apparel have a one year turn around time, so with that said I can't share any of the work I've been doing for them until the gear is out. So the first Tee design won't be hitting stores until later on this year, come fall/winter time frame.

Aside from that: One of my first freelance projects for Ecko was a gig thats totally aside from what I do now at the Rhino. Marc Ecko has a creative department which helps him bring allot of his personal projects to life. O these projects has no real ties to the brand and are solely aimed to push Mark's personal work (at least from my understanding). One of the projects he had in the works was creating a series of Alice in Wonderland themed paintings but with a twist. The twist being an updated, dark twisted version of the original story. I was asked to aid in one of these paintings. The brief I was given was to create a paparazzi crowd scene, but this crowd would be my interpretation of dark versions of Twiddle Dee and Twiddle dumb times 20, plus a sprinkle of animals and raw looking ladies. The thing that was kind of crazy about this image was that the end product would end up being a giant 20 ft wide painting with flashing lights in place of where the camera . Spacey, I know....wasn't quite sure what how it all was gonna turnout but few weeks in I work out a line drawing and a colorway study that was pasted on to some painters that would paint my design. I wasn't able to obtain the info on the artists due to legal reason apparently, but I do know it was two brothers and they worked on a crazy job haha! I'll stop talking and just show you the piece:
my line image
then my colorway
the end image in oil 20ft wide or so at Ecko Enterprises
Its pretty wild seeing the painting when its turned on and with all the flashes, I wasn't able to get any pics of it in action but its crazy to sum it up haha. Apparently the piece was sent out to the Sundance Festival a few months back.
umm....I think that all for now. I'm gonna take it chill this weekend get out the house a bit. Spring in NY is starting to look fancy.