Sidney E. Watters IV Preview image of War and Peace show.

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then sheathes in calm repose the vengeful blade
24x36 oil on wood
$ 1,200

I'll post the whole work and pics from the show after this Friday. Pray for me klaimers. I need a postive response to fund some other pursuits. Not yay D.



  1. SI,

    cutting weapons! 'in the cutty mang' good luck on your show! i am sure i'll go grand. take pictures! whats your email? work or personal?

    *dumpster funk restaurant.


  2. only $1,200???? pffff, i guess i'll take 3 then. my kid's bathroom could use some spice.

    (wink) this is really awesome, sid. lighting for days, girrrrrlll. wish i could be in the A to see these things live at your show, but i've got a meth habit to support out in da bay. watters'ss's's done did it again, mane!!

    - d
    *dumpster funk jkjkjklolol

  3. thanks df'n mf'ers. I am glad you like what you see. But I'm just sayin, this is probably my least favorite one. Ben will enjoy the climaxer for sure. (you'll see)
    bathroom wall fillers for days.
    hearts from the A